Jim Harbaugh talks about ‘cultural momentum’ at University of Michigan

University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh says he thought 2021 was as good as it gets. Then 2022 came along, and now things are looking even better in 2023.

Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the University of Michigan football program, discusses the significance of “cultural momentum” in their recent achievements. With consecutive outright Big Ten championships, ending a long winless streak, and record-breaking victories over the past two seasons, Harbaugh attributes their success to the cohesive direction and momentum within the team.

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Key Points

  • Harbaugh has led Michigan to consecutive outright Big Ten championships.
  • The team ended a decades-long winless drought in Columbus.
  • The program has achieved the most victories over a two-year span in its history.
  • Harbaugh acknowledges the surprising growth of “cultural momentum” within the team.
  • The continuous development of cultural momentum brings increased excitement and motivation.

Jim Harbaugh talks about ‘cultural momentum' at University of Michigan

Harbaugh reflected on the remarkable accomplishments of the University of Michigan football program, including back-to-back Big Ten championships and historic victories. Despite achieving significant milestones, Harbaugh expresses surprise at the continuous growth of “cultural momentum.” He acknowledges that after the 2021 season, everyone involved—players, coaches, and staff—was aligned and working towards a common goal. However, the following year, the cultural momentum intensified even further, fueling excitement and motivation within the team.

“I was really surprised after the '21 season, you felt like ‘OK, now this is as good as it can get’ with everybody — players, coaches, staff — everybody pulling in the same direction,” he told reporters Thursday after he spoke at the National Collegiate Showcase at Wayne State. “Then, in ’22, there was that cultural momentum that, wow, got even better.

“So I’m saying to myself, ‘That’s got to be as good as it can get,’ but then I see our players, our staff, our coaches (this offseason), and it seems like there’s even more cultural momentum and it’s fun to be around.”

Bottom Line – A Promising Path Ahead

Harbaugh's focus on “cultural momentum” at the University of Michigan has proven to be a driving force behind the team's achievements. The consecutive Big Ten championships, ending of winless streaks, and record-breaking victories attest to the success of their unified approach. The continuous growth of cultural momentum creates an optimistic outlook for the program, as players, coaches, and staff embrace the shared vision and work together towards even greater accomplishments. With Jim Harbaugh's leadership and the unwavering dedication of the entire team, the University of Michigan football program is poised for continued success on and off the field.


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