Joel Zumaya blasts Detroit Tigers and GM Al Avila

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Joel Zumaya

When Joel Zumaya burst onto the scene with the Detroit Tigers back in 2006, the hope was that he would eventually be the team’s next great closer. (Yes, the Tigers have had great closers in the past)

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Unfortunately, Zumaya was a flamethrower who could not throw strikes as he struck out 210 batters in his career and walked 114.

In comparison, my son, who is nine and still learning to control his pitches, has stuck out 48 batters, while walking just eight in 18 innings of Little League Baseball. (Sorry, I told him that I would include him in an article someday, and there it is!)

Anyways, back to Zumaya, who is also throwing flames on social media.

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On Wednesday, he took to Instagram and he used his platform to bash both the Detroit Tigers organization and general manager, Al Avila.

Check it out.

Is there any other true Detroit Tiger Fan as disappointed as I am on how this season is going for the team!!!! WELL I JOEL ZUMAYA # 54 FORMER DETROIT TIGER, truly am disgusted, disappointed, just flat out upset on how this organization has let itself fall into a category which I thought this organization would never see again!!! I’m gonna say this straight out of my mouth, I can’t believe they gave Al Avila a undisclosed extension, blows my mind ????, they need to clean house, they need to go through the main office and start removing some of these nerds that have no clue about the good ole game of baseball!!! The good old English D is to iconic! To great to even let fall to these standards!!! My apologies I come so bold, but as they say once a tiger always a tiger!!! so I’m entitled to my own opinion and I’m entitled to say whatever I want whether people like it or not!!!! #hatersgonnahate #makedetroitgreatagain #zoom54



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Nation, do you agree with Joel Zumaya? Is it time for the Detroit Tigers to move on?

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