Kelvin Sheppard reveals Dan Campbell’s demeanor during combine interviews

Detroit Lions linebacker coach Kelvin Sheppard recently revealed details about head coach Dan Campbell‘s demeanor during NFL Scouting Combine interviews. According to Sheppard, Campbell initially sits back, which can be intimidating for prospects, but then suddenly becomes very engaged, asking tough questions and providing scenarios for players to think through. Sheppard emphasized that Campbell wants players to feel comfortable and not nervous during the interview process.

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Key points:

  • Dan Campbell’s interview style is initially laid-back, but can quickly become intense
  • Campbell wants players to feel comfortable and not nervous during the interview process
  • Kelvin Sheppard believes Campbell’s demeanor may be more intimidating for prospects

The Big Picture: Campbell wants prospects to feel comfortable

A coach’s demeanor during scouting combine interviews can have a significant impact on a player’s draft stock. Teams look for players who can handle pressure and remain calm in high-stress situations, and a coach’s behavior during interviews can provide valuable insight into a player’s ability to do so. By shedding light on Campbell’s interview style, Sheppard has given fans and analysts a glimpse into the often-secretive world of NFL draft preparation.

“Dan kind of sits back, to be honest,” Sheppard said to Dannie Rogers. “Then out of nowhere he’ll get out of his seat and go up to the screen and be like, ‘alright, well tell me this… this guy goes here, and that guy goes there, what are you going to do?”

The Bottom Line – Getting Inside the Mind of Dan Campbell

By revealing details about Campbell’s interview style, Sheppard has given fans and analysts a unique perspective on the often-opaque world of NFL draft preparation. While it remains to be seen how Campbell’s approach will impact the Lions’ draft picks, it’s clear that he values a calm, comfortable atmosphere during the interview process. For Lions fans, Sheppard’s insights provide a small but intriguing glimpse into the team’s plans for the future.

Written by W.G. Brady

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