Lions coach Matt Patricia – We’re “blessed” to play on Thanksgiving

The Detroit Lions are gearing up for their annual Thanksgiving game this week. And while the doldrums of recent poor play and coaching scrutiny have befallen them, head coach Matt Patricia is trying to stay positive.

He appeared in front of media members today and talked about what he sees as the privilege of playing on Thanksgiving and what it means to the team ownership and fans.

“We're going to try and go out and play as hard as we can,” Patricia said. “We know how important this game is to our organization, our ownership and obviously the fans. It's a great privilege to play in this game.”

“For us, we're very blessed to be here. I think Thanksgiving is a great time and a great week to reflect,” he continued. “I'm sure all of us will be making a few phone calls this week to thank people who helped us over course of our lives to get where we are – we don't often get here on our own…we like to remind players of that also, and one of the biggest thanks we have to make sure we provide is to the fans – the people who support us and follow us, obviously we're doing everything we can to make everybody proud and make the rest of their day great too, not just the morning.”

The Lions and Bears kick off from Ford Field on Thursday at 1:00 PM.