mAtThEw StAfFoRd StArEs DoWn HiS rEcEiVeRs

Matthew Stafford cannot make big throws!

Matthew Stafford pads his stats!

Matthew Stafford overthrows receivers!

Matthew Stafford's side-armed throws are not fundamentally sound!

Matthew Stafford stares down his receivers!

Those are just some of the wacky things that have been said about Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford since entering the league in 2009.

Yet players like Patrick Mahomes gets praise rained down upon him whenever he makes an unorthodox throw. Heck, Mahomes could take dump at midfield and NFL talking heads would fall all over themselves.

When Mahomes made a no-look throw last season, the NFL world stopped in amazement yet I would bet the no-look throw you are about to watch from Stafford won't get mentioned anywhere.

Eat your heart out, Stafford haters!