Matthew Stafford will not allow Detroit Lions to shut him down

Matthew Stafford has a broken back…A BROKEN FREAKING BACK!

Yet, the Detroit Lions have not yet made the decision to shut Stafford down for the season out of respect for their most important player.

Quotes from MLive:

“We’re obviously going to keep that door open and see what happens here with all of the stuff that were doing with the doctors and everything from that standpoint,” coach Matt Patricia said. “Out of respect for Matthew and his competitiveness and what he means to this team and what he brings every single week, we’re just going to kind of take it week-by-week and see what happens from that standpoint.”

Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell says it is killing Stafford to be on the sidelines rather than on the field helping his team.

“Oh, it’s killing him,” offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. “No question it’s killing him. It’s what he does. He loves to play football, and, you know, if he gets a chance to be out there, he wants to be out there. And I think every time something happens, he feels like — as a competitive player — he feels he could help the team and wants to help the team, and all of the competitive juices get flowing. Yeah, he’s missing it.”

Is there actually a chance that Stafford returns in 2019, despite the Lions being eliminated from the playoffs? It sounds like the Lions are leaving the door open.

“As far as Stafford is concerned, still kind of working in a week-by-week manner with him from that standpoint in conjunction with our medical staff to monitor that situation,” Patricia said. “(We’re) always trying to give every opportunity we can to just kind of see how it goes with him as far as that’s concerned, understanding his continual competitiveness and wanting to be out there to play football. So that’s just kind of where we are right now with that situation.”

Nation, what should the Lions do with Matthew Stafford? Or maybe we should ask, what should Stafford allow the Lions to do with him?


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