Michigan CB Will Johnson gives his own injury update

Michigan CB Will Johnson gives his own injury update with the Big Ten Championship looming.

Michigan CB Will Johnson gives his own injury update with Big Ten Championship looming

What will Michigan CB Will Johnson‘s availability be for this Saturday's Big Ten Championship game against Iowa? That is one of the biggest questions facing the Wolverines this week as they gear up to take care of business against the Hawkeyes and win their third-straight Big Ten title. On Tuesday, Johnson spoke to the media and he gave his own injury update.

Michigan CB Will Johnson

The Best Ability is Availability

Here is what Johnson, who originally injured himself leading up to the Ohio State game, had to say on Tuesday about his availability for the Big Ten Championship game.

“I feel a lot better than I did on Saturday,” Johnson said. “Yeah, just tweaked a little something. But I was out at practice today, and everything's good.”

Asked if he expects to play Saturday, Johnson added: “Yeah I'm gonna try my best to be out there Saturday.”

“I mean my best ability is availability, so trying to be available is the biggest thing, and trying to be at my best health is the biggest thing too,” Johnson said. “So I mean, I'm going to do whatever I can to be out there to Saturday, but if that's not the case, then I'll be back the next time we play.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Will Johnson's Health and Game Participation: The uncertainty surrounding cornerback Will Johnson's injury and his potential to participate in the Big Ten Championship is a pivotal factor for the Michigan Wolverines.
  2. Balance Between Immediate Impact and Long-Term Health: Johnson's decision to play in the upcoming championship game against Iowa highlights the delicate balance between the immediate need for his skills in a critical match and the long-term considerations for his health, especially with the College Football Playoff on the horizon.
  3. Strategic Implications for Michigan: The situation with Johnson’s injury underscores the broader theme of how player health can influence team strategy in high-stakes games.

The Bottom Line – A Delicate Decision Ahead

Will Johnson‘s injury situation represents more than just a personal health concern; it's a strategic dilemma for the Michigan Wolverines. As they prepare for the Big Ten Championship, the decision on whether Johnson plays will be pivotal. The next few days leading up to the game will be crucial in determining not just Johnson's ability to play, but also the team's preparedness to adjust their strategy in his absence or presence. It will certainly be interesting to see if Johnson suits up or if the Wolverines play it safe and have him sit out.