Miguel Cabrera ‘razzes’ Tigers top pick Max Clark for not taking BP

Miguel Cabrera's playful razzing of Max Clark left a lasting impression on the young prospect.

During a meet-and-greet at Comerica Park, Miguel Cabrera, the future Hall-of-Famer, engaged in playful banter with Detroit Tigers‘ top draft pick, Max Clark. It is tradition for the top pick to take batting practice during their first trip to Comerica Park after being drafted, so when Clark did not, Miggy ‘razzed' him a bit.

Miguel Cabrera Max Clark

Miguel Cabrera ‘razzes' Tigers top pick Max Clark

Cabrera asked Clark if he would be taking batting practice, to which Clark replied that he was under “workload protection” and wouldn't be swinging. Cabrera, along with his son, expressed disappointment, teasing Clark for missing the opportunity to showcase his hitting skills. For the young prospect, it was a surreal experience to interact with one of the game's legends and become part of his organization.

“He starts giving me a little bit of heck for it, like, ‘Why aren’t you taking BP?’” Clark recalled. “He said his son’s a really big fan of mine. (Christopher Cabrera) has been following me on social media for a while and knows who I am. So he and his son were upset they didn’t get to see me hit. He was razzing me a little bit about it.”

“I literally stood there in awe for a second. I was like, ‘Wait a minute. This is Miguel Cabrera talking to me,’” Clark said. “It’s like every childhood dream coming true. It’s so cool. I used to play with him on MLB2K10 (a video game). Every single day, I’d just rake with him. So it’s really cool now to be literally part of his organization…He was incredibly welcoming and incredibly nice.”

Key Points

  • Cabrera playfully teases Clark for not taking batting practice during a meet-and-greet at Comerica Park.
  • Clark reveals that he was under workload protection and couldn't participate in BP.
  • Cabrera and his son were fans of Clark and expressed disappointment at not being able to see him hit.
  • Clark is amazed and humbled to interact with Cabrera, considering him a childhood hero.
  • The encounter marks a memorable moment for Clark as he joins Cabrera's organization, the Detroit Tigers.
Max Clark Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera

Bottom Line – A Memorable Moment for Max Clark

Miguel Cabrera's playful razzing of Max Clark left a lasting impression on the young prospect. For Clark, the encounter was surreal, considering that Cabrera was once his childhood hero in a video game. Now, being a part of Cabrera's organization, the Detroit Tigers, is a testament to his talent and a reflection of the bright future that lies ahead. As Clark continues to grow in the world of baseball, this special moment will serve as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the impact that seasoned players like Cabrera can have on aspiring athletes.


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