Miguel Cabrera credits Jim Leyland following 3-2 win vs. Royals

Miguel Cabrera had the game-winning hit on Wednesday night for the Detroit Tigers, and following the game, he gave Jim Leyland some credit.

On Wednesday night, Detroit Tigers‘ future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera delivered what would end up being the game-winning single in a hard-fought 3-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals. Following the game, Cabrera have former Tigers manager Jim Leyland some credit for teaching him how to attack Kaufman Stadium.

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Miguel Cabrera credits Jim Leyland following game-winning hit

Cabrera's career-long success at Kaufman Stadium has been influenced by some sage advice from Leyland.

“It's a big ballpark,” Cabrera said after the game. “When we first came here to play, the first three hitters hit fly balls, and Jim Leyland got mad at us: Stop hitting fly balls. Hit the ball on the ground. It's a big ballpark. Get some hits. All I said was, ‘OK.' When we play here, we always talk about getting hits and trying to hit the ball in the gaps.”

Royals Honor Miggy

Prior to the game, the Royals paid tribute to Cabrera by presenting him with a $10,000 donation to his charitable foundation along with a framed collection of pictures from his iconic 2012 Triple Crown achievement. Following the game, Miggy thanked the Royals.

“It's a great honor that they do that for me. I always want to say thank you for everything they do for me. They made my life better. … A lot of hits.”

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The Game-Winning Hit

The game-changing sixth inning showcased the young talent of Riley Greene, who initiated the scoring opportunity with a leadoff double. Subsequently, Kerry Carpenter drove in Greene with a one-out single, leveling the score at 2-2. A pivotal two-out walk from Javier Báez sustained the inning, paving the way for Cabrera's heroics. That's when Cabrera connected with a blazing fastball, driving it into right-center to put the Tigers ahead 3-2.

“Stay on the fastball,” Cabrera said of his plan. “Stay to right-center and try to make good contact.”

“The ball was just away from him enough for him to be able to hit the patented Miggy single,” Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said, “which we've seen as a young player, we've seen as a mid-age player and now we're seeing as a veteran, older player. But it seems like there's never a doubt that he's going to do something. In those moments, he's pretty calm and takes whatever the game gives him.”

Key Points

  • Kansas City Royals honor Miguel Cabrera with a pregame ceremony.
  • Cabrera delivers the go-ahead single in the sixth inning.
  • Jim Leyland's advice influences Cabrera's approach to hitting at the ballpark.
  • The Tigers secure a 3-2 victory with strong pitching and timely hitting.

Bottom Line – A Legend's Farewell

Miguel Cabrera's final appearance at Kauffman Stadium was a fitting tribute to an exceptional career. With his go-ahead single, Cabrera demonstrated his unwavering ability to perform under pressure and solidified his status as one of the most revered players in the game's history. As he moves on to the next chapter of his life, his legacy will live on, and his accomplishments will be a source of inspiration for future generations of baseball enthusiasts.


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