MUST SEE: Detroit Tigers release Hall of Fame tribute videos for Alan Trammell and Jack Morris


Let’s face it, 2017 is a season that most Detroit Tigers fans would rather just move on from. Afterall, the team finished with the worst record in Major League Baseball and traded away the beloved Justin Verlander in the process.

That being said, things got a little bit better (a lot better if you are around 40-years-old like I am) for Tigers fans on Sunday night as both Alan Trammell and Jack Morris were elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Two Detroit Tiger greats FINALLY headed to the Hall of Fame

Following the announcement that the Modern Era committee had elected both Trammell and Morris into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Detroit Tigers tweeted out a HOF tribute video for each player.

First, Alan Trammell.

Trammell spent his entire playing career (20 years) as a member of the Tigers. During that time, he batted .285 with 185 home runs and 1003 RBIs. He had come to accept he may never get the HOF call but now it’s a reality for Trammell.

From ESPN:

“I came to realization that it might not happen, and I was OK with that. I really was,” he said. “If people thought it was a tad short, I could live with that.”

The Tigers also posted a video for Jack Morris.

Morris, who spent 14 of his 18 Major League seasons with the Tigers, won a total of 254 games in his career and was selected to play in the All-Star Game on five occasions. Like Trammell, Morris was also was not certain he would ever get into the Hall of Fame.

From ESPN:

“The time that I’ve spent wondering if this day would ever come seems to be vanished and erased right now because it did come, and it’s amazing,” the 62-year-old Morris said during a conference call.

Now that Trammell and Morris have both gotten what they earned, it’s time to make things whole.

It’s time to put Lou Whitaker in the Baseball Hall of Fame.