New Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell: ‘Maybe I took off too many body parts’

Whether or not Dan Campbell ever leads the Detroit Lions to the Super Bowl, there is one thing championship that can never be taken from him. That championship is the championship of introductory press conferences, which Campbell absolutely nailed last week.

During the presser, Campbell went on a passionate rant about how his Lions’ team would fight and claw, no matter what. In fact, Campbell jokingly (we think) said his team would take out knee caps each time they were getting back up after being knocked down.

Since that presser, Campbell’s comments have gone viral, even getting a mention from Jimmy Fallon.

Campbell spoke to Albert Breer on Friday and said he has been “bombarded” since his epic comments. But one person who was honest with him was his wife.

“I’ve been bombarded,” Campbell said Friday night. “Everything’s been really positive from my friends and family, but they’re gonna say that. They’re friends and family. I’m sure after they got off the phone they said, Man, what a lunatic!

“My wife was like, Yeah, you probably could’ve stopped at one kneecap,” he said. “And I’m like, Yeah, you’re probably right. My wife, she’s great. She can be pretty critical of me. She lets me have it. I respect the hell out of her for that. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. So there was a little bit of Oh boy, what have you done? I’d say, yeah, maybe I took off too many body parts there.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be a fun ride! Buckle up!

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