NFL fines multiple players from Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens game

NFL fines multiple players from Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens game.

NFL fines multiple players from Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens game

The Baltimore Ravens secured a blowout victory against the Detroit Lions in Week 7, but it came at a significant cost for a couple of Ravens players. In a game filled with intense action and a few contentious moments, two players faced fines for their actions during the match. The two Ravens players who have been fined by the NFL are Roquan Smith and Odell Beckham Jr.

Detroit Lions next opponent NFL fines multiple players from Detroit Lions

Roquan Smith Fined For Hit On Jared Goff

Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith was fined $16,391 for a hit on Detroit quarterback Jared Goff that led to a roughing-the-passer penalty. This incident occurred on the very first play of the fourth quarter.

Odell Beckham Jr. Fined For Lowering Helmet on Kerby Joseph

The second fine came from a play that surprisingly didn't result in a penalty during the game, but it cost the player involved even more. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was fined $21,844 for lowering his helmet to initiate contact with Lions safety Kerby Joseph. This incident, which occurred in the fourth quarter as well, resulted in the largest fine handed out in Week 7. Joseph had to leave the game to undergo concussion protocol after suffering a helmet-to-helmet hit from Beckham.

Fortunately for the Detroit Lions, none of their players committed any offenses warranting fines during the game in Baltimore.

Full Report Of NFL Fines for Week 7

ClubPlayerQuarterTimeFine CategoryAmount
ARIElijah Higgins37:37Unnecessary Roughness$4,167
BALOdell Beckham411:20Unnecessary Roughness$21,844
BALRoquan Smith415:00A hit on a Quarterback$16,391
DENJavonte Williams29:09Unnecessary Roughness$13,433
INDDeForest Buckner34:43A hit on a Quarterback$16,391
INDMichael Pittman45:50Unsportsmanlike Conduct$10,927
KCWillie Gay35:11Unsportsmanlike Conduct$8,793
KCRashee Rice45:57Unnecessary Roughness$6,561
LVJakob Johnson22:56Unnecessary Roughness$8,528
LARDesjuan Johnson42:59Unnecessary Roughness$4,275
MINJosh Metellus48:41Unnecessary Roughness$11,167
NEChristian Barmore46:41A hit on a Quarterback$12,913
NYGXavier McKinney31:06Unnecessary Roughness$14,833
PITDiontae Johnson43:03Unsportsmanlike Conduct$10,927
PITDamontae Kazee28:12Unnecessary Roughness$11,806
PITGeorge Pickens10:26Unnecessary Roughness$8,525
PITGeorge Pickens412:36Unsportsmanlike Conduct$8,525
PITJaylen Warren210:21Unnecessary Roughness$48,556
WASAndrew Wylie29:43Unnecessary Roughness$10,927