Ben Johnson reveals Jared Goff’s Superpower that will help Detroit Lions bounce back

Ben Johnson reveals Jared Goff's Superpower that will help Detroit Lions bounce back.

Ben Johnson reveals Jared Goff's Superpower that will help Detroit Lions bounce back

In Week 7, the Detroit Lions had an opportunity to move to 6-1 on the season but they were not able to take advantage of it as they played one of their worst games in years. Instead, the Lions' offense could do absolutely nothing and the defense could not stop Lamar Jackson on their way to a 38-6 road loss to the Baltimore Ravens. On Monday Night Football, the Lions will have an opportunity to bounce back when they take on the Las Vegas Raiders.

Ben Johnson reveals Jared Goff Superpower

Jared Goff's Superpower

While speaking to reporters on Friday, Lions OC Ben Johnson revealed Jared Goff's superpower that will help the cause.

“It’s one of his superpowers, I think, the ability to be resilient,” said offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. “When criticism or poor play occur, he’s able to just learn from it and move on quickly. He’s got a short memory that way. He’s approached this week the same as every other week. He’s been, very much, studying the tape and preparing like he normally does. Confident that we’ll get the train back on the tracks here.” 

Why it Matters

If you have followed Jared Goff since he was traded to the Detroit Lions, you are well aware of the fact that he does not allow the highs or the lows to impact how he goes about his business. In sports, it is extremely important to have a short memory and to have the ability to put things behind you quickly. Goff has the ability to keep his eye on the ultimate prize, and that is why he is the perfect leader for the Lions' offense.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Missed Opportunity: In Week 7, the Detroit Lions had the chance to continue their impressive season by moving to 6-1, but they stumbled in one of their worst games in years.
  2. Jared Goff's Resilience: Lions Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson shared a significant insight into Jared Goff's superpower – his remarkable resilience. Goff's ability to swiftly learn from criticism or poor play and move forward with a short memory is a vital trait.
  3. The Importance of a Short Memory: Goff's capacity to remain unaffected by both highs and lows is a valuable asset in the world of sports.
Detroit Lions starting offense Is Jared Goff An MVP Candidate

Bottom Line: Eye on the Prize

Ben Johnson's revelation of Jared Goff's superpower highlights the quarterback's resilience and ability to maintain focus despite setbacks. Goff's consistent approach and short memory contribute to his effectiveness as a leader on the team. In the challenging world of professional sports, such qualities are invaluable, and they offer hope that the Detroit Lions can bounce back from their recent disappointing performance and make a strong showing on Monday Night Football against the Las Vegas Raiders.