NFL Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner says Jared Goff can ‘carry you with his right arm’

Jared Goff has drawn some pretty high praise from an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback.

When the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for Jared Goff and a trio of draft picks, the belief of many was that Goff was simply going to be a bridge quarterback. (How many times have you heard/read that by now?) But four people who did not believe that, and still don't believe that, are Brad Holmes, Dan Campbell, Goff, and NFL Hall of Fame QB, Kurt Warner.

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Kurt Warner says Goff can ‘carry you with his right arm'

“I have always thought Jared Goff was better than he has gotten credit for. One of the big QB or team storylines this season is going to be the Detroit Lions,” Warner included in the caption to the video. “This was a team that had a bit of buzz last year and felt like they have built up the roster, have another year under Dan Campbell and they are building. Continuing to add pieces both on defense and offense. Remember, this was a team that just missed out on the playoffs but had to go into Lambeau Field to stop the Packers from having an opportunity to get into the playoffs. They were able to show up and get a big win in that game so we are going to break down that tape. I have always thought that Jared Goff was better than he has gotten credit for. Yes, a lot of pieces around him in the right system. I believe he is a really good quarterback and someone who can carry you with his right arm. Let’s dive into the tape.”

Key Points

  • The Lions acquired Goff from the Rams as part of the Matthew Stafford trade
  • Many believed Goff would be a bridge quarterback
  • Goff has proven that he is ‘The Guy' for the Lions
  • Kurt Warner believes Goff can carry the Lions with his right arm

Bottom Line: Jared Goff is Still Growing

As noted by Warner, Goff is still growing as a quarterback, and he has a chance to be even better for the Lions moving forward. Yes, Goff has some nice weapons around him, but he is also ultra-talented and has what it takes to get the job done.