NFL Referee Brad Allen Learns Fate for Week 18 After Screwing Detroit Lions

After screwing the Detroit Lions in Week 17, NFL Referee Brad Allen has learned his fate for Week 18. Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy - USA Today Sports

After screwing the Detroit Lions in Week 17, NFL Referee Brad Allen has learned his fate for Week 18.

The Detroit Lions faced another setback from the National Football League when referee Brad Allen overlooked offensive lineman Taylor Decker reporting as an eligible receiver during the crucial go-ahead two-point conversion against the Dallas Cowboys. The play was negated, and the Cowboys eventually emerged victorious. Despite this, Allen and his crew have been designated to officiate the upcoming nationally televised game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

NFL Referee Brad Allen

Screwing the Detroit Lions wasn't enough

ESPN's Adam Schefter shared the news on his X (formerly Twitter) account that the NFL has chosen Allen and his crew to officiate the upcoming Pittsburgh versus Baltimore matchup. This highly anticipated game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN this Saturday.

NFL Referee Brad Allen,Screwing Detroit Lions

Allen insisted that Taylor Decker did not report as eligible

Following the game on Saturday night, Allen's comments in the postgame pool report did little to satisfy the frustrations of Lions fans who felt that they were incorrectly penalized yet again.

“So, we had a situation where if you were going to have an ineligible number occupy an eligible position, you have to report that to the referee,” Allen said. “On this particular play, No. 70 [Dan Skipper], who had reported during the game a couple of times, reported to me as eligible. Then he lined up at the tackle position. So, actually, he didn’t have to report at all. No. 68 [Taylor Decker], who ended up going downfield and touching the pass, did not report. Therefore, he is an ineligible touching a pass that goes beyond the line, which makes it a foul. So, the issue is, No. 70 did report, No. 68 did not.”

“That conversation is where No. 70 reports to me, and I then go to the defensive team, and I say to them ‘No. 70 has reported as an eligible receiver,’ so they will be aware of who has reported and then I return to my position,” Allen said. “That was the conversation with the defensive line.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. NFL Referee Brad Allen found himself embroiled in controversy after his error in Week 17 against the Dallas Cowboys ended up screwing Detroit Lions fans everywhere
  2. Allen mistakenly stated that it was the offensive lineman Dan Skipper who reported as eligible rather than Taylor Decker for what would have been Detroit's go-ahead 2-point conversion.
  3. NFL Referee Brad Allen and his crew have now been given another opportunity in front of a nationally televised audience after being assigned to work Saturday's Steelers and Ravens game.

Bottom Line: Does the NFL not care how this looks?

It's frustrating when errors in officiating impact crucial moments in sports, leaving fans rightfully disheartened. The decision to assign controversial NFL referee Brad Allen and his crew again raises concerns, especially after a significant mistake.

This only amplifies the sentiment of “Detroit vs. Everybody,” reflecting the disappointment when our teams face unfair situations without repercussions.