NFL’s Defensive Rookie Of The Year: Who Should Win?

Defensive Rookie Of The Year, sauce gardner, Adian Hutchinson
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Defensive Rookie of the year 

AJ Reilly: Here's a big one. Defensive rookie of the year. Oh, I didn't pick you. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah. Yeah. I'm sorry. Agree. 

AJ Reilly: No, I agree with you. I said Kenny Walker. Yeah. Like, okay, cool. Garrett Wilson's cool, but like he had Zach Wood thrown to him. Come on. 

Eric Vincent: Right. He only scored four times. 

AJ Reilly: He could have been way better than he actually was. 

Eric Vincent: Yep. 

AJ Reilly: I don't know if that'd be an argument for or against, but anyway, defensive rookie of the year. Sauce Gardner, Aidan Hutchinson, or Tariq Woolen

Eric Vincent: All right. Last time we talked about this, I know Austin. And listen, I've been on the front of that agenda.

AJ Reilly: Are you changing sides? Oh my goodness. 

Eric Vincent: I'm a, I'm a coward. I'm going with Sauce Gardner. 

AJ Reilly: You are? You are bending your knee to the narrative. 

Eric Vincent: I'm a coward… I'm a coward. 

AJ Reilly: Sauce Gardner. 

Eric Vincent: Sauce Gardner is arguably the best in his position this season, arguably. Okay. Hutch was not, Hutch was very good. He came on strong, had some games where he kind of was spotty, and disappeared.

I love Hutch. I'm happy he's the best edge rusher in his class. Hands down. I have to go with Sauce Gardner, though. I'm a coward. I'm sorry guys. Don't be mad at me.

AJ Reilly: what's the main purpose of a, uh, a defensive back? 

Eric Vincent: Uh, prevent the receiver from catching the wall. 

AJ Reilly: Okay. So you had a 45% reception percentage against him. Okay? 

Eric Vincent: Mm-hmm. 

AJ Reilly: also, when you get the opportunity, you want to intercept the ball, right? 

Eric Vincent: You do. Picks are good. Picks are good. 

AJ Reilly: You got a defensive end that has more picks than Sauce Gardner, he did more sack and a million more tackles. 

Eric Vincent: Yep. 

AJ Reilly: And you're telling me that this guy, just because he's the best at his position, makes him the defensive rookie of the year? 

Eric Vincent: Yeah, because he's elite at it.

NFL's Defensive rookie of the year

AJ Reilly: That's your, I understand that, but also you're talking about two very different positions. I agree. It's very easy to hide at cornerback. I agree. It's stops, especially when people know you're good and they don't target you. Aidan Hutchinson's in on darn near every play. 

Eric Vincent: I'm gonna address this further on our pet peeve segment, but I agree with you. But the way it's set up and standing right now, I'm Okay.

AJ Reilly: Lemme ask you this question. I'm having a hard time going even, let me ask you this question. Let me ask you this question. Okay. If Sauce Gardner played in Detroit and Aidan Hutchinson played in New York, or, let me ask it a different way, let me ask it a different way. 

What if the Lions would've drafted Tido and the Giants ended up drafting Hutchinson and Hutchinson had the same season? He's in the New York media and Sauce and still played. 

Eric Vincent: Yeah. 

AJ Reilly: Sauce is still in the Jets

Eric Vincent: I think SA still wins, man. Like he had some big matchups. He played Tariq twice a year. Like he's gone up against some big dogs that performed like, I can't take that away. Hutch. I agree. I think maybe, yeah, probably in the Jeter, in the New York media, he would have a bigger microscope on him.

AJ Reilly: But I mean we, we were the team on hard docs, so can't really say the Detroit Lions didn't have a microscope on them as well, so, I don't know. I love Hutchinson in a commercial. Hutch is popping. I love Hutch, but yeah. Yeah. Rob, the podcast isn't far off. He says, you know, it's a popularity contest. It kind of is when you are in that New York media sauce, go get the I know.

Eric Vincent: I'm a, I'm a coward. I'm a coward. 

AJ Reilly: You are. Sorry. You are a Benedict Arnold traitor. That's what you are. 

Eric Vincent: Oh, I feel gutless. I'm sorry guys.

AJ Reilly: Well, y'all know I'm picking Hutchinson because I'm proud of my guy.

Eric Vincent: I'm, I know I got AJ now with the beard. He was ready to jump through the computer.

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Defensive Rookie Of The Year, sauce gardner, Adian Hutchinson

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