Oakland Athletics give Miguel Cabrera the worst retirement gift in the history of the world

Oakland Athletics give Miguel Cabrera the worst retirement gift in the history of the world: Folks, you cannot make this stuff up!

Oakland Athletics give Miguel Cabrera the worst retirement gift in the history of the world

Well, well, well, folks, we've got ourselves a head-scratcher in the world of baseball gifting. The scene: Miguel Cabrera, the seasoned baseball sage for the Detroit Tigers, continues on his grand farewell tour, a journey filled with ovations and tokens of appreciation from his adversaries across MLB stadiums. It's the customary show of respect for a legend, where rival teams take a swing at honoring a man who's seen it all. Not surprisingly, the Oakland Athletics, who have been awful on the field so far this season, dropped the ball with their choice of gift for Cabrera.

Miguel Cabrera Max Clark Athletics give Miguel Cabrera the worst retirement gift

Home Run Gifts

In the lineup of gift-givers, we've seen some memorable ones. The Cleveland Guardians, with a nod to their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, strummed a guitar for Miggy, and the New York Yankees, at the risk of irking their own fan base, swung for the fences with a painting commemorating his game-tying homer against the legendary Mariano Rivera in 2013.

The Athletics Drop the Ball

Let's pivot to the Oakland A's, who uncorked an embarrassing gift for Miguel Cabrera. On a quiet Thursday night, they handed Cabrera a bottle of Caymus 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley. Now, wine as a gift can be a cherished gesture, but this particular bottle, as revealed by CBS Sports contributor Danny Vietti, has a price tag that could make you choke on your own cork—$90.

Here's where it gets interesting, folks. Cabrera, in his storied career, grappled with alcohol-related struggles. After the 2009 season, he clocked in a sobering three-month stint in an alcohol treatment program. In 2011, he faced the curveball of a DUI arrest. It was a rocky road, but Cabrera found his way to redemption.

And so, when the A's slid that $90 bottle of wine across the plate to Cabrera, he responded with a sly grin, taking a playful sip—a theatrical nod to his past, perhaps, or just a quirky twist to cap off his farewell tour.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Oakland Athletics threw a curveball with their $90 bottle of wine gift to Miguel Cabrera during his farewell tour, raising eyebrows due to his past struggles with alcohol.
  2. While other teams had delivered thoughtful tokens, the A's choice of a pricey vintage adds an intriguing layer to the customary sendoff.
  3. Cabrera, who's weathered alcohol-related storms earlier in his career, playfully played along with the gesture, creating a corked celebration to remember.
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Bottom Line – A Farewell to Remember

In the grand play of baseball farewells, the Oakland Athletics may not have hit a home run with their parting gift to Miguel Cabrera, but they've certainly added an unexpected twist to the final inning. Honestly, by dropping the ball with their gift choice for Cabrera, the Athletics pretty much summed up their entire season, which has been embarrassing.