Ohio State CB retires at halftime, takes to Twitter to bash Urban Meyer and Buckeyes program

Well, this escalated quickly!

Prior to the start of Saturday’s Rose Bowl Matchup between Ohio State and Utah, news broke that cornerback Marcus Williamson was one of the Buckeyes players that were not going to be suiting up for the game.

At halftime, Williamson took to Twitter to announce that he was “retired” but that he did not quit like Vontae Davis.

He added that he did not make the trip with his Buckeyes’ teammates.

Following that tweet, things escalated quickly as Williamson started a thread bashing former Ohio State head coach, Urban Meyer, and the Buckeyes program.

Check it out.

Wow! The culture at Ohio State is in shambles!


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    • What an ungrateful young black “boy”!! Grow up! You were given an amazing opportunity that MANY young men of EVERY RACE would gladly give up their hoodie’s so they could be a part of the program and get an education. Working hard builds character and teaches humility, of which you lack both. Learn to follow the rules, work hard and most important BE GREATFUL AND NEVER QUIT!!!

    • You are right Anthony. You know what you sign up for in any career. The first few years can be a struggle. Your hands bleed record the class. Have one of your girlfriends take notes for you. Think outside the box. Hoodies.. tired of them. I told my students when went out as a group .. I don’t want to see a hoodie. Always want to look thuggish.. one day he will look back and feel differently.

  1. Crazy how ridiculously racist these comments are. Clearly you men are white, old, and uneducated. God bless you all! “ What an ungrateful young black “boy”!! Grow up” doesn’t get anymore small minded and stupid using those word to describe any person is beyond racist and offensive on many levels.

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