Ohio State QB Kyle McCord Enters Transfer Portal

Ohio State QB Kyle McCord Enters Transfer Portal.

Ohio State QB Kyle McCord Enters Transfer Portal

The college football landscape witnessed a significant shift on Monday with the announcement that Ohio State quarterback Kyle McCord has entered the transfer portal. This move marks a turning point for both McCord and the Buckeyes, reshaping the team's quarterback room and opening new avenues for McCord's football career.

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What did Ryan Day Say?

McCord's decision follows a season of notable growth and development under head coach Ryan Day, during which he assumed the starting role for the Buckeyes. His choice to transfer comes at a crucial time as Ohio State gears up for the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, underlining the pivotal role of quarterbacks in achieving team success.

“As time went on, Kyle got better as the season went on,” Day said Sunday. “Had a little bit of those ankle injuries that he worked through; he showed toughness there. Certainly the Notre Dame game, he played really well down the stretch. So I think there was growth there, for sure, and I think he's a good quarterback, I do. After every year, you evaluate everything, and try to figure out what to do next. But I think there was a lot of progress made this year.”

“When you come up short, the bottom line is you got to look at everything, because you didn't get it done, and that's the thing that is just sobering here,” Day said. “At 11-1, you come up short on the last possession, it's just not good enough. So you got to look at everything, and we will look at everything.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Kyle McCord has entered the transfer portal, following his role as a starting quarterback for Ohio State.
  2. His tenure with the Buckeyes was marked by significant growth and resilience through injuries.
  3. Ohio State, now preparing for the Cotton Bowl, must navigate changes in its QB lineup.

The Bottom Line – A Pivotal Move for McCord and Ohio State

After losing to Michigan in the final game of the regular season, many Buckeyes fans rushed to social media to bash McCord and Day, demanding that both leave the program. It sounds like Day will be back in 2024, but McCord will be moving on. As McCord steps into the transfer portal, he embarks on a journey to new horizons, seeking a platform where his talents can be further honed and showcased.