Jim Harbaugh praises Sherrone Moore for beating Ohio State

Jim Harbaugh praises Sherrone Moore for beating Ohio State 30-24 at the Big House.

Jim Harbaugh praises Sherrone Moore for beating Ohio State

On Sunday, a day after the Michigan Wolverines‘ thrilling 30-24 victory over Ohio State at the Big House, head coach Jim Harbaugh had nothing but praise for offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore, who stepped up to lead the team in Harbaugh's absence. The win, marking a significant moment in the storied Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, was masterfully orchestrated under Moore's guidance, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Harbaugh.

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Harbaugh's Admiration for Moore's Coaching

Reflecting on the game's outcome and the coaching strategies employed, Harbaugh expressed complete satisfaction and admiration for Moore's performance.

“Not a thing I would’ve changed,” Harbaugh said on Sunday. “The way he called that game and the decisions he made in that kind of environment and that kind of pressure… Huge shoutout to Sherrone.”

A Team Effort Led to Victory While Harbaugh was serving a suspension, the seamless transition to Moore's leadership highlights the strength and depth of Michigan's coaching staff. Moore's ability to step in and lead the team to a win against a formidable opponent like Ohio State is a testament to his coaching acumen and the collective effort of the entire coaching staff and players.

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  1. Harbaugh's Full Endorsement: Jim Harbaugh expressed complete approval of Sherrone Moore’s coaching in the win over Ohio State, noting that there wasn’t a single aspect he would have changed.
  2. Moore's Exceptional Game Management: Moore’s ability to effectively call the game and make crucial decisions under immense pressure was central to Michigan's victory.
  3. Demonstration of Coaching Depth: The success under Moore’s temporary leadership reflects the depth and quality of Michigan's coaching staff, showcasing their ability to rise to the occasion in critical moments.
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The Bottom Line: Harbaugh Appreciates Moore Stepping Up

Jim Harbaugh's praise for Sherrone Moore following Michigan's victory over Ohio State is not only a recognition of Moore's individual talents but also a reflection of the robust coaching structure at Michigan. Moore's handling of the game in Harbaugh's absence was exemplary, proving his mettle as a top-tier coach capable of steering the team through one of the most intense games of the season. This win, under Moore’s stewardship, not only cements his reputation but also reinforces the collaborative strength of the Michigan coaching staff.