Paul’s Dream Scenario: Derek Stingley, Jr.

Paul lays out his absolute best case scenario for the Lions early first round draft pick, and it may surprise you.

Here’s One Out Of Left Field For The Lions At #2 Derek Stingley, Jr.

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A.J. Reilly: If you were to wake up tomorrow and a miracle happened where they traded out a two, they got to this pick and got this player. What would that look like?

Paul Rochon: I would like to trade near the end of the top 10, maybe 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ish. Specifically for one player I have in mind though. I’d love to pick up another first-round pick and maybe another day two pick, but maybe not. Maybe we get two 2nds and two-thirds. That’d be cool. Right? I want to amass day one and two picks.

That’s my goal and I don’t have a draft pick value chart in front of me. But I think if you’re trading from two to ten-ish, you’re going to get the equivalent of another first-round pick or two or close to it. Whether it’s a combination of pics or a literal first-round picks later, whatever it is, I want to trade back to that 10 ish area.

I want to get Derek Stingley Jr. I know that Lions fans are going to be burned on taking another corner in the top 10. They’re not going to like this, but listen, it’s not Brad Holmes’ fault. It’s not Brad Holmes’ fault that we picked you up with red flags in number three. Okay. Listen, just like it wasn’t Bob Quinn’s fault when he drafted Hock, that we had drafted Eric Ebron where we did. Right? You can’t punish these GMs for the mistakes of previous GM’s. Okudah had a lot of red flags when picking in the top three. It’s like, man, this guy could be good, but he’s not, I can’t have this much projection if I’m third overall.
I can’t do it

A.J. Reilly: And that’s the thing for me too. Right? We talk about system quarterbacks a lot. How much of a system quarterback was Okudah? I mean, it’s front center. 

Paul Rochon: Don’t get me started on system quarterbacks because I’ll go on about Richard Sherman and we’ll do this whole thing. Okay? No. 

A.J. Reilly: We don’t have to get started on that but I’m just saying, I know Stingley is a talent, but Ooh, at 10? Okay. 10 11 12 sure.

Paul Rochon: Stingley is so good. Listen, as a freshman, he was my number one player in his draft class and the whole class. That’s how much talent he has. He’s dealt with injuries, right? He’s dealt with the not-great culture that LSU is. It’s not Ed O’Bradovich, this you guys knew. I told you we won the national title.

I said within three years, he’s not going to be here anymore. He’s not a good coach. He had generational talent all over that team. They didn’t win because he’s not good enough. He didn’t last. He was fired a couple of years after winning a title. Unheard of, right? Well, not in the SEC, it’s not unheard of. It’d be unheard of if we did that, but Derek Stingley Jr. has elite-sized talent. All of it, his speed. This is a four-three receiver. He’s 6’1” and 200 pounds. His technique. He came in, he was an early enrollee, a super early enrollee at LSU. When he was supposed to be a senior in high school. When he was supposed to be getting ready for the midwinter dance, or Christmas dance, whatever they have down there, he was enrolled at LSU. And when you enroll early, you are actually allowed to partake in bowl practices. You don’t get to play in the bowl game because you’re not eligible for that yet but you can be with the team in play practices.

That was an absurdly talented LSU team, right? They won the title. He was one of the best corner at 17 years old. He’s supposed to be in high school, he was one of the best quarters on a title-caliber team, not even eligible to play. His talent, it’s elite. I’m taking the chance on high-end talent and listen, if it misses and he’s not that good, we still got other draft capital baby.

I don’t want to take Kyle Hamilton. And number two, when I could get more draft capital and take Derek Stingley at number 9, 10, 11

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Written by Amy Price

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