Philadelphia Eagles attempt to sabotage Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving Day game tradition

We have all heard the stories about Philadelphia fans and how awful they can be.

You know, the stories of them booing Donovan McNabb after he was drafted, throwing a beer bottle at Ryan Howard, and chucking snowballs at Santa Claus, just to name a few.

But apparently, it’s not just the fans from Philly who are dreadful as the Philadelphia Eagles themselves reportedly tried to sabotage the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game tradition.

Every year, both the Lions and the Cowboys host an NFL game on Thanksgiving Day and apparently, the Eagles franchise does not like that tradition one bit. In fact, the Eagles recently proposed that instead of hosting a game on Thanksgiving Day every year, Dallas and Detroit host every other year!

From CBS Sports:

When the NFL’s annual league meeting kicks off on March 24, one of the things that the league’s owners will be doing that week is voting on multiple rule changes for 2019 that have been proposed by the competition committee and the league’s 32 teams. 

The most interesting proposal for 2019 arguably came from the Eagles, who seem to be getting a little tired of the NFL’s annual tradition of having the Cowboys and Lions play at home every year on Thanksgiving. Apparently, the Eagles would like to see those two teams hit the road once in a while. 

In a resolution change submitted to the league, the Eagles proposed that the NFL make a minor change for Turkey Day and have either the Cowboys or Lions play on the road instead of at home. 

In the proposal, the Eagles wrote that they want “to continue the annual tradition of having Dallas and Detroit play on Thanksgiving, provided that one of those clubs host a home game with the other club playing away, and alternating home and away games each subsequent season.”

According to Pro Football Talk, though the Eagles took the proposal off the table, it does still show up on the list of proposals submitted to the owners.

From Pro Football Talk

The Eagles proposed that the Lions and Cowboys would alternate playing on the road on Thanksgiving, and then the Eagles withdrew it. But the proposal continues to appear on the list of proposals published to the media and submitted to the owners.

Here’s a theory: The Eagles fully intended to make the proposal and then to withdraw the proposal, with the understanding that the withdrawn proposal would still appear on the list of proposed rule changes. That way, the Eagles don’t look like jerks (or they look less like jerks) but the point still gets made.

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