Where do the Pistons currently stand in the playoff race?

It’s been an up-and-down, but mostly down for the Detroit Pistons. Before losing five out of their last six games, the Pistons had an 18-game stretch where they went 12-6.

So where has wiping out essentially all of their progress gotten them? Out of the playoff picture.

  1. Cavaliers (46-24)
  2. Celtics (46-26)
  3. Wizards (43-28)
  4. Raptors (42-29)
  5. Hawks (37-34)
  6. Bucks (36-35)
  7. Pacers (36-35)
  8. Heat (35-36)

  9. Bulls (34-38) – 1.5 GB
  10. Pistons (34-38) – 1.5 GB

The Pistons maximum number of wins is 44, which realistically would probably earn them the sixth seed.

The Pistons have ten games left. Six on the road, four at home.

Of the ten left, six are against teams under .500, four are against teams over .500, so while it’s not the easiest path to make up that game and a half against Miami, there’s certainly a chance for some wins.

The Pistons next game is Friday against the Orlando Magic in Orlando. The race for the final playoff spot will be updated after each game.

Written by Ryan Griffin

My name is Ryan, I'm the Pistons editor for DSN. My hobbies include listening to better music than you and watching unhealthy amounts of Always Sunny.

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