Predicting the Detroit Lions starting defense for Week 11 matchup vs. Bears

Predicting the Detroit Lions starting defense for Week 11 matchup vs. Bears.

Predicting the Detroit Lions starting defense for Week 11 matchup vs. Bears

Currently at the helm of the NFC North, the Detroit Lions are on the brink of an impressive 8-2 record as they gear up for their Week 11 clash with the Chicago Bears. This season, despite facing challenges with injuries, the Lions have seen their depth players step up remarkably, providing crucial support that has bolstered their defensive prowess. Here's a preview of who is likely to feature in the Lions' starting defense in Sunday afternoon's matchup against the Bears.

Detroit Lions starting defense

Who will be on the Detroit Lions Starting Defense?

  • EDGE – Aidan Hutchinson
  • EDGE – John Cominsky
  • DT – Alim McNeill
  • DT – Benito Jones
  • LB – Alex Anzalone
  • LB – Derrick Barnes
  • CB – Cam Sutton
  • CB – Jerry Jacobs
  • NB – Brian Branch
  • S – Tracy Walker
  • S – Kerby Joseph
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What's New?

No changes from last week.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Lions' Strong NFC North Position: The Detroit Lions, leading the NFC North, are on the verge of an impressive 8-2 record as they prepare for their Week 11 game against the Chicago Bears.
  2. Depth Players Elevating Lions’ Defense: Despite challenges with injuries this season, the Lions have benefitted from their depth players, who have significantly contributed to enhancing the team's defensive strength.
  3. Predicted Starting Defense Lineup: The expected starting defense for the Lions includes EDGE players Aidan Hutchinson and John Cominsky, DTs Alim McNeill and Benito Jones, LBs Alex Anzalone and Derrick Barnes, CBs Cam Sutton and Jerry Jacobs, NB Brian Branch, and Safeties Tracy Walker and Kerby Joseph.

Bottom Line: Bounce Back Game

Yes, the Detroit Lions got the job done in Week 10 against the Los Angeles Chargers, but the defense did not look pretty at all as they have up 38 points. Yes, the Lions offense is good enough to win a shootout against an average team like the Chargers, but I am not sure sure that will happen against the top teams in the NFL. With that being said, the Lions' defense has an opportunity to bounce back today against the last-place Chicago Bears, and I think they will do exactly that.

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