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Which quarterback should the Detroit Lions put in quarantine?

If everything goes right, we will have the opportunity to watch a full NFL season in 2020, but that could go south quickly if there is a COVID-19 outbreak throughout the league.

One thing is a fact, there absolutely will be cases of COVID-19 that pop up and chances are that every team will be affected at one point or another during the coming season. Depending on which player, or how many players test positive on a given team could be the difference between making the playoffs or getting a high pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

When evaluating a football roster, the most important position is the quarterback.

Our Detroit Lions proved this point in 2019 when Matthew Stafford suffered a back injury and was forced to miss the final eight games of the season. The Lions record in those eight games? 0-8.

Because of COVID-19, there has been discussion about whether or not teams around the league will decide to keep three QBs on the roster with one of those being quarantined. The reason for this, of course, would be to make sure a healthy quarterback is available if an outbreak occurs and the other two QBs test positive for the coronavirus.

So, my question is, if the Lions decide to go this route (I think they should), which other their quarterbacks should be quarantined during the season as an insurance plan? Matthew Stafford, Chase Daniel, or David Blough?

Now, many will jump to the conclusion that Blough should be the quarterback the Lions quarantine because he is No. 3 on the depth chart.

I disagree.

My thought is that if the Lions do elect to quarantine a quarterback it should be their No. 2 signal-caller, Chase Daniel.

Let’s be clear about something. If Stafford goes down with an injury that keeps him out for an extended period, the season is over because the offense would not be able to carry what will likely be a bottom-third (or worse) defense in the league.

That being said, let’s say Stafford tests positive for COVID-19. If he does, there is a chance that the backup QB who is working closest to him could also test positive. If the Lions went with Daniel as the No. 2 QB, and he too tested positive, that would mean they would be without their top two guys at the position. In that scenario, the Lions would have to count on Blough, who let’s be honest, would have a tough time making most NFL rosters.

This is why I believe quarantining Daniel and starting with Blough as the No. 2 QB on the roster would be the smartest move. This way, if Stafford and Blough both test positive, the Lions at least have a fighting chance with Daniel at the helm over an extended period instead of Blough.

Nation, what do you think? Should the Lions quarantine a QB? If so, which QB would you quarantine?



Let us know what you think!

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