Report: Find out which team Justin Verlander really wanted to play for

*Originally published on 9/1/17

If you just woke up, grabbed your coffee, and hopped on the computer, you now realize that Justin Verlander is no longer a member of the Detroit Tigers.

Just after midnight, news broke that JV had been dealt to the Houston Astros for three prospects. But prior to that, Chris McCosky of the Detroit News tweeted out the deal was off because Verlander did not waive his no-trade clause.

Now further reports have come out, saying that the reason for Verlander not waiving the no-trade clause was because he was waiting to see if the Tigers could work out a deal that would send him to his ideal destination.

The Chicago Cubs.

From Jon Paul Morosi at

When the Tigers and Astros first agreed on an exchange of players, Verlander, who has a full no-trade clause, was asked for his permission. He said no — or, more accurately, not yet. He was not averse to pitching in Houston. But he and his fiancée, Kate Upton, have always loved Chicago. (The Dodgers, also near the top of Verlander's wish list, weren't seriously involved Thursday.) As long as the Cubs were an active possibility — and they were, into the final hour — Verlander couldn't commit anywhere else.

As midnight approached, the Tigers told Verlander the Cubs were just not bringing enough to the table to get a deal done and that it was Houston or nothing. Obviously, Verlander agreed to waive his no-trade clause at that time and he is now a member of the first place Astros.