Rod Wood responds to near-failing grade for Detroit Lions

The NFL Players Association recently released a report card evaluating NFL teams based on surveys conducted with 1,300 players in the league. The Detroit Lions ranked 15th overall out of all 32 teams, with a D- grade for food service and nutrition, and a D+ grade for the training room. The team scored well in areas such as team travel and strength coaching, but the report card highlights specific areas for the Lions to improve upon. Lions' team president, Rod Wood, responded to the report, stating that the team had already been taking a proactive approach to improvements in those areas before the NFLPA released their findings.

Rod Wood Detroit Lions Hard Knocks

Why it matters

Lions' team president, Rod Wood, responds to a recent NFLPA report card revealing a D+ grade for the team's training room.

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Key Points

  • The Detroit Lions received a D+ grade for their training room in the recent NFLPA report card.
  • The team ranked 15th overall out of all 32 teams in the report.
  • The report highlights specific areas for the Lions to improve upon, including food service and nutrition.
  • Lions' team president, Rod Wood, stated that the team had already been taking steps to improve the training room and dining facility before the report was released.
  • The team conducts its own comprehensive survey of the roster to identify areas for improvement.
  • Director of player health and performance, Brett Fischer, was brought in as part of the team's response to areas for improvement.

Big Picture: Improving Detroit Lions Team Facilities

The NFLPA report card highlights the importance of providing top-notch facilities for players, including food service, nutrition, and training rooms. The report provides valuable feedback for teams to improve the overall player experience and keep players healthy and performing at their best. For the Detroit Lions, the report serves as a wake-up call to focus on areas for improvement and prioritize the needs of their players.

“Part of bringing in (director of player health and performance) Brett Fischer was a response to that,” Wood said. “And we're redoing the dining facility. We're taking the opportunity to move the dining facility upstairs, so we won't be competing with the players and we won't be taking space from them. Hopefully that will at least improve things. And we'll continue to look at the surveys moving forward. We do it on everything with players, way beyond what the PA survey does. I think it was for the most part solid, but the same two areas were identified and we invested in them.”

The Bottom Line – Lions Trying to Prioritizing Player Experience

The recent NFLPA report card serves as a reminder for NFL teams to prioritize the needs of their players, including providing great facilities. While the Detroit Lions received a less-than-stellar grade for their training room, the team's response shows a commitment to improvement and prioritizing the player experience. By focusing on areas for improvement, the Lions can attract and retain top talent, improve player performance, and ultimately, achieve success on and off the field.

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