Rumor suggests Houston Astros’ players nixed Justin Verlander from throwing out first pitch

Well, this is interesting…

According to John Granato of ESPN 97.5 Houston, Justin Verlander was supposed to throw out the first pitch prior to Thursday’s game between the Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox… until he wasn’t.

Granato claims that some Astros players went to team owner Jim Crane and told him that they did not want Verlander to throw out the first pitch because he hasn’t been there all year and there is no need to spotlight him now.

There has been speculation that some Astros players are not happy with how Verlander has treated his rehab program as he has basically been away from the team for a very long time.

“He didn’t stop by for a year and a half while he was making $66M and then he’s gonna get all kinds of love before the playoffs the other guys worked their ass off to get to? Nah,” Granato wrote.

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