Scott Frost Sucks And So Does The Nebraska Cornhuskers

This will never work because nobody wants to go to Nebraska anymore.

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Matthew Bassin: Everyone knows that JJ answered the bell and Cade


Ryan Griffin: I get you another person who didn’t answer the bell to go into your earlier lead is Scott Frost.

Him, him getting fired from Nebraska and just an unbelievable flame out. Right. This is a guy who won a fake national title at central Florida. He was Nebraska’s pro prodigal son coming back to restore this once-great dominant football power. And from the minute he got there, they were just stinky butt.

Like he was so bad all the time, and it makes it worse because of this year. so before, before that, they could have waited, I think, four or five weeks to fire ’em, and then they would’ve had they would’ve only had to pay ’em, I think, seven and a half million instead of 15 million, they said, Nope. He said, get outta here.

Now we’ll give you that for seven and a half million to not be on our team for 20 or 30 more days. But Scott Frost at Nebraska pulling up the head coaching. Record right here. Wherever he was here is Nebraska, bro. 16 and 31, 10 and 26 in the big 10, never finished tired. Then tied for fifth in the big 10 division, which for him would’ve been the big ten west.

Dude, they’re just so, they’re so bad. Like it’s, it is, it is unbelievable how bad Nebraska ha has been under Scott Ross. And you look at last year, right? Where they’re three and nine, but they lose so many close games. They are almost Michigan. They almost are Michigan State, two teams who finished. I’m pretty sure top 10 in the country.

And like the final poll. And this year, they’d start off as huge two-touchdown favorites against Northwestern, and then they lose the game in Ireland, and then they lose to Northern Georgia or Georgia state, whatever the team was. I don’t even know, but it was enough to cost Scott Frost’s job. And I can’t remember another head coach flaming out this bad.

There had been bad hires of guys who got hype and then sucked, but nothing to me, nothing quite like this, nothing that I can remember because he had, he had so many seasons at Nebraska, too. We talked about it. 16 and 30. which means he’s been at Nebraska for 1, 2, 3, and 4. This was his fifth year in Nebraska.

And he never won more than five games with him. And it’s been insane, honestly. And insanely like pathetic run that he had.

Matthew Bassin: at Nebraska. So Georgia Southern was the team that put the nail in his coffin. You were so close. Oh, there they go. And could

Ryan Griffin: have been any of those Georgia teams, and they still would’ve beat him.

Matthew Bassin: 27 1 score games for Nebraska since frost was hired, and they went five and 22.

In those 27 games, no other FBS team has more than 16 one-score losses in that same span. So a whole lot of bad decision making, bad luck, call it what you want to, but yeah, as you mentioned, you know, this prodigal son, he played in Nebraska from 95 to 97, he was part of 90 seven’s last national championship where they split it with Michigan, helped them go 13 and oh was the first quarterback in school history to rush for a thousand and pass for a thousand in the same season.

and it just looks like I don’t know if it’s frost because Nebraska’s bad. Like ownership, almost like not obviously this is a college team, so we’re not like pros with ownership, but it’s like it’s bad management up top. Cuz you had a good coach in Bo Pelini years ago. But you didn’t like him. He wasn’t good enough.

And so you got rid of him, and it’s been downhill ever since. It’s just been bad after bad, after bad. And no one wants it; this is what they can’t figure out. No one wants to go to Nebraska anymore. You can get hyped up playing at other places. No one wants to go to the middle of the country to play college football anymore.

It’s not the same where you had guys from around your area, and you were able to get it done. You had the Texas people that could come and play as well. Cuz Texas is breeding. ground For college football, just like Florida is these are areas where you could be able to steal players back in the day. It’s not that way anymore.

There are other places they can go to. And especially with NIL and you can get paid to go to these places and still lose as bad as you lost at Nebraska. It’s just not good. And no one wants to go out to Lincoln. No one wants to be in the middle of the country. And I don’t know how Nebraska’s ever gonna turn this around because I don’t know who they’re gonna get, who actually wants to play there.

That’s worth a damn in the game of football!

Ryan Griffin: You, you can’t, and you’re right. Like it’s not, and even just bad luck with all those one-score games. It’s bad decision-making. We saw it in week one; when he did the onside kick, we talked about Dan Campbell’s onside kick Scott Frost did the same thing, except his team was winning.

And for no reason, he kicked the onside kick, trying to end the game. And then he gave Northwestern the ball in a better field position. You know, they, they score, they, end up winning the game. Yeah. I mean, you’re right, right. They fired Bob Pelini because he was going eight and four and nine and three every year.

And they were like, Hey, we’re in Nebraska. That’s not good enough. Which I actually commend and applaud, like you’re right. Try and restore your former glory. If it’s not good enough, like get somebody who’s gonna try and take you over the hump, and Scott Frost fits the profile. He just, you know, he didn’t deliver at all.

I wonder if he’s gonna get another coaching job. I don’t anywhere else. No, no, he really, I don’t know. Oh yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. Yeah, there’s, there’s a lot.

Matthew Bassin: Well, you’re right. If he’s gotta go back down to FCS to prove himself again, he will, you know, but he’s gonna get another coaching job. I think he’ll be fine.

Just go back to central Florida there. Yeah, you could, but no, I think Scott Frost will coach; again, he’s too young. There’s too much of a needy. He’s not a bad coach. It’s just, that it was never a good fit just because you went there doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a successful head coach there. And we’ve seen it before with other players who went back to coach their former universities.

And it didn’t last very long. Like, it’s just, it doesn’t mean it’s a great fit just because you played there years past the LA, the landscape has changed, and I’m sure it’s not easy to recruit for Nebraska. You have to be, I would think you would have to be a Nick Saban, a Dabo Swinney, someone like that to have any chance of recruiting in a place like Nebraska because what do you have to offer besides a very long history from a long time ago?

And land forever, no water near you. No land for land just lands forever. Just flat land forever and nothing else near you for the longest time. Like, I just don’t get it. There’s no; there’s no appeal land in corny. Yeah. All my big, bad. The big thing that I noticed from this week. And, oh, also on top of that, by the way, Nebraska paid Georgia Southern $1.4 million to come and put 642 yards of offense on their heads and force frost out while the fans were finally chanting fire frost during the game like this is against Georgia Southern and your fans are chanting fire frost.

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