Shannon Sharpe could face jail time for live call with Julio Jones


According to reports, Shannon Sharpe could potentially face jail time for making a live call to Julio Jones without Jones' consent, though no complaint has yet been filed.

From TDAlabama:

In a report by Front Office Sports, it was not clear if Jones knew he was speaking live on the show and the Falcons had no prior knowledge of the interview taking place. FOS also reported that the team could seek an on-air apology.

Since California is a two-party consent state when it comes to capturing phone conversations, Sharpe could be in some trouble of his own. Both Sharpe and Jones would need to know that the call would be aired and recorded and with Jones not knowing he was live Sharpe could face a misdemeanor charge for violation of California Penal Code Sec. 632.

The charge calls for a $2,000 fine or one year in jail although FOS reported as of Tuesday no complaint had been filed.


Well, if you thought that Julio Jones would end up sticking with the Atlanta Falcons for the 2021 season,  you may want to think again.

On Monday, Shannon Sharpe from “Undisputed” actually got Jones on the phone during a live airing of the show and Jones said, “I'm out of there,” when asked if wanted to play for the Falcons during the upcoming season.

Jones also added that he does not want to play for the Cowboys.

Check it out. (The big question is, did Julio realize he was on live television?)