Should the Detroit Lions trade for Jonathan Taylor?

What is your opinion on the Detroit Lions trading for Jonathan Taylor? Find out what DSN writer W.G. Brady thinks about the idea.

In an unexpected turn of events for the Detroit Lions, some fans and analysts have raised a new question this 2023 NFL season: should Lions GM Brad Holmes trade for Indianapolis Colts RB Jonathan Taylor? With significant strides already made in their running back room, including the signing of David Montgomery to an $18 million three-year contract and the drafting of Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round, it's certainly a surprise to see such speculation arise.

Jonathan Taylor Detroit Lions

Should the Detroit Lions trade for Jonathan Taylor?

The plot thickened this past Saturday when Taylor formally requested a trade. Taylor's request sent ripples through the NFL, reigniting discussions about running backs' equitable remuneration. As soon as that news broke, some suggested the Lions should trade for Taylor. Should they trade for Taylor? The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding NO.

Taylor, widely recognized as one of the NFL's best running backs, might appear to be a tempting acquisition. Yet, the Lions already boast a formidable duo with Montgomery and Gibbs. Hence, bringing Taylor on board would be more of a luxury than a necessity. Trading for Taylor would necessitate sacrificing significant draft capital and extending a hefty multi-year contract—hardly a prudent move considering the resources the Lions have already invested into the running back position. In this context, acquiring Taylor doesn't seem logical.

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Key Points

  • The Lions have enhanced their running back room with David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs.
  • Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts has requested a trade.
  • The Lions are speculated to be a potential trade destination for Taylor.
  • Despite Taylor's NFL standing, the move seems unnecessary for the Lions.
  • Trading for Taylor would require significant draft capital and a costly contract.

Bottom Line – Lions, Taylor, and the Art of Restraint

The possibility of trading for Jonathan Taylor undoubtedly adds an intriguing layer to the Detroit Lions' off-season narrative. However, given the team's current roster and strategic approach, it seems unlikely—and arguably unwise—for such a trade to materialize. Despite Taylor's prowess, the Lions' existing running back duo and their careful resource management strategy suggest that this potential move may be more of a dramatic subplot than an actual game plan.