Sports Carnage host creates hilarious Barry Sanders gif mocking COVID-19

*Originally posted on Oct. 4 but this is still awesome and applies.

If you have not heard by now, there has been quite the rush of news over the past 8 hours or so as a New Orleans Saints player, who was on the team flight to Detroit, tested positive for COVID-19.

Because of that news, there was plenty of speculation about today’s game between the Saints and Detroit Lions being postponed.

But, we dodged a bullet as the Saints player (Michael Burton), was re-tested and it was determined that the original positive result was, in fact, a false-positive result, which means the game will go on as planned.

Following the good news, Sports Carnage host Ryan Griffin (who is freaking hilarious if you have not heard of him), created an epic gif, which features the great Barry Sanders juking out COVID-19.

Check it out!

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