The dangerousness of the Clippers and Hawks as Eight seeds

Do you really want to face Trae Young or Paul George?

Suns/Heat Don’t Want Clippers/Hawks
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Matt Bassin: As good as Phoenix is playing, I don’t think the Clippers could take them down. I’m almost positive the Pelicans couldn’t take them down but the Clippers would give them a better matchup. But you know, exactly what you were saying as a one-seed team you don’t want to seed that team because they have experience.

They have championship-caliber players on that team that could make it a game. But I do think Phoenix is head and shoulders above the Clippers. As dangerous as LA could be, the Phoenix Suns have just looked like everything they were last year before blowing the finals to Milwaukee

Ryan Griffin: Yeah the Suns are the best team in the west, it seems like by a healthy margin. And with both the teams having question marks that could be eight seed, whether it’s the Clippers or the Pelicans if either one of those stars that are missing time comes back, then if you’re the Suns you’re sort of screwed because now you get an eight seed Pelicans team.

Where now you have Ingram, McCollum, and Zion to deal with. And while the Suns are still the better team, that’s not the typical firepower that the eight seed is going to bring you. If Milwaukee comes back, then I don’t think the Clippers would be favored to win the series. But if you have a full-strength Clippers team, or now it’s Milwaukee and Paul George, that could easily be a seven-game, dog fight.

Now it’s just not a layup anymore. Traditionally you see the one and the eight is, and I think that’s one of the things that the plan is going to give us going forward is like these mystery teams or maybe these teams that are just getting hot at the right moment. And it might make it a little bit more difficult, honestly, on the one seeds in the future.

Just in terms of Yeah, maybe how close the games are or how tight some of these games are not necessarily the ones that are going to start losing to the eights every year, but I could see it, not being the dog walk like it was in the years prior and same thing with Atlanta, man.

If I’m a one seed, why do I want to see the team that was in the Eastern Conference finals last year?

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Written by Amy Price

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