Kelly Stafford sends out message regarding scheduled brain surgery

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

As you have likely heard by now, Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that requires surgery. On Tuesday, Kelly sent out the following message regarding her preparing for surgery. 🙏 Looks like Kelly Stafford is preparing for her brain surgery — Logan Lamorandier … Read more

JUST IN: Detroit Lions release statement regarding Kelly Stafford

On Wednesday morning, Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford revealed on Instagram she has a brain tumor and will be having surgery in two weeks. Kelly asked for prayers and support as she and Matthew go through this difficult time. Wednesday afternoon, the Detroit Lions released the following statement regarding … Read more

Matthew and Kelly Stafford celebrate Christmas with 3-year old cancer patient

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Regardless of how you feel about Matthew Stafford on the football field or his wife Kelly’s Instagram posts, you have to admit they are both outstanding human beings and are lucky to have them in Detroit. The most recent proof of this is shown below as the Stafford’s helped celebrate Christmas with 3-year-old cancer patient Pryce … Read more

OH MY! Kelly Stafford filmed while high on anesthesia will make you laugh

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Kelly Stafford‘s latest post to her Instagram page is pretty funny. As you can see below, Stafford says this video was shot while she was “very high” of anesthesia during an endoscopy. Is she telling the truth or was this really filmed while she was watching a Detroit Lions football game? BONUS CONTENT: Detroit … Read more

UH OH! Matthew Stafford disagrees with his wife about LeGarrette Blount late hit

Married couples are not always going to agree on everything. That’s exactly the case with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife, Kelly. On Sunday, during the fourth quarter of the Lions 30-27 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Stafford was shoved out of bounds as he ran towards the first down marker. It … Read more

Kelly Stafford has message for LeGarrette Blount after he stands up for her hubby

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions looked like absolute garbage for over three quarters in their 30-27 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. In fact, with 10:32 left in the contest, the Lions trailed 30-13 and it looked like a certainty that they would be blown out for a second-straight week. But that is when the … Read more

Kelly Stafford posts heartwarming message prior to Lions matchup

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Kelly Stafford, wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, certainly isn’t shy to speak her mind on her social media accounts. Before Detroit’s Monday Night Football matchup against the New York Jets, she took to Instagram to post a heartwarming photo of Matthew and their newborn daughter, along with an uplifting message. Congrats on the … Read more

LOOK: Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly reveals name of newborn baby via Instagram

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

On August 16th, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly were blessed with their third child, a baby girl. During the week, Matthew was asked about the name of the baby but he said he would leave that for Kelly to announce on Instagram. Well, Kelly has done just that and the name … Read more

WATCH: Kelly Stafford tells twins daddy will be with Lions for six more years

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

On Monday night, news broke that the Detroit Lions had signed Matthew Stafford to a 5-year, $135 million extension, making him the highest paid player in NFL history. Watch as Stafford’s wife, Kelly, breaks the news to their twin baby girls that they will be staying in Detroit for six more years. Kelly included … Read more


NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Just moments after Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford inked the largest deal in NFL history, every major news outlet was in on the story. Unfortunately, for those news outlets, not all of them could escape the wrath of Kelly Stafford, Matthew’s wife. The Staffords have been rained upon with blessings in the last year or so. … Read more

WATCH: Matthew Stafford’s PERFECT reaction to being snubbed by ESPN

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford famously played football at Highland Park High School in Dallas. Perhaps you heard once, or twice that it is the same high school that Lions great Bobby Layne attended. And perhaps you heard once, or twice, or A THOUSAND TIMES that Stafford’s childhood friend and teammate was Los Angeles Dodgers … Read more

Kelly Stafford comments on NFL protests

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

The number of NFL players protesting during the national anthem to bring attention to social injustices against the African American community has been on the rise. It began last year with Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, but this preseason, players from the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, and … Read more

LOOK: Matthew Stafford purchases mansion in Atlanta for roughly $4M

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

What does former University of Georgia and current Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford do when his family has expanded and he’s on the brink of a massive raise? Go house hunting, of course! Some pictures of Stafford's new $3.85 mil, ~10,000 sq ft Georgia mansion. I would take it I guess. #OnePride — Logan … Read more

LOOK: Kelly Stafford posts photo of Matthew holding their twin babies

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

As you probably know by now, Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly are now the proud parents of beautiful twin girls. The Stafford’s welcomed the twins to the world on March 31st. On Sunday, Kelly posted the following photo to her Instagram account showing Matthew holding his new babies. Earlier this month, Kelly posted an intimate … Read more