Hospital in Kirk Cousins’ hometown ends relationship with him due to anti-vaccine stance

Former Michigan State Spartan and current Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has made headlines for his having not received the COVID-19 vaccine, and even went so far as to suggest he’d surround himself with plexiglass rather than go forward with getting the jab. And now, his stance has cost him one of his sponsorships. Holland … Read more

Kirk Cousins suggests the use of plexiglass to combat COVID-19

Former Michigan State Spartan and current Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins had quite the eyebrow-raising comment earlier today when describing how he’d combat COVID-19 without the vaccine. “I think the vaccination decision is a private health matter for me, and I’m going to keep it as such,” Cousins said. “I do believe that as a … Read more

Everson Griffen slams former teammate Kirk Cousins in series of deleted tweets

Detroit Lions defensive end Everson Griffen didn’t exactly hide his desire regarding a potential reunion with the team he starred with for several years, who just happen to be one of Detroit’s chief rivals in the Minnesota Vikings. Griffen openly stated for the Vikings to “come get it” with regard to his services, and also … Read more

Former Spartans QB Kirk Cousins on COVID-19: “If I die, I die”

Well, that’s one way to let people know that you’re not worried about the COVID-19 pandemic that’s practically turned the world upside down in 2020. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, a former Michigan State Spartan, was very nonchalant with the thought of contracting the illness. During an appearance on Spotify’s “10 Questions” podcast hosted by … Read more

Ranking the quarterbacks in the NFC North

When it comes to the NFL, the most important position on a football team is quarterback. Sure, it takes a well-rounded roster to win championships but without a solid QB, it is tough to do that on a regular basis. Here is how I rank the NFC North quarterbacks heading into the 2020 season. No. … Read more

Vikings fan gets owned after trying to prove Kirk Cousins is better than Matthew Stafford

Who is the better quarterback, Matthew Stafford or Kirk Cousins? This is a question that has been asked for a while (primarily by Minnesota Vikings fans) and has once again resurfaced. In fact, one Vikings fan figured he would do his part to prove Cousins is better than Stafford by posting a poll. Now, when … Read more

What the Minnesota Vikings are saying in advance of their Week 7 matchup vs. the Detroit Lions

Embed from Getty Images If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, Week 6 is hard to put behind you. The Lions’ devastating loss to the Green Bay Packers is proof that while a football team can be doing everything right, it’s someone else who does something wrong that screws them in the end. However, we’re moving … Read more

10 Michigan/Michigan State games… From a fans point of view (Part Two)

Welcome back to Men on Football… Once again I’ve got Paul Rochon and I’ve got Dylan Bair to give their opinions on 10 recent UofM/MSU football games… from a male’s point of view. Editor’s disclaimer: Paul is, and I quote, the “best couch General Manager alive. More Michigan than Bo. Never wrong, often misunderstood.” Second … Read more

WATCH: 5 Greatest upsets In Michigan State/Michigan football rivalry

The football rivalry between the Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines has no shortage of legendary games. College football fans of this great state have been treated to some amazing games over the course of the series. Because Michigan has the advantage of program reputation, history, and tradition – not to mention a 69-35-5 head-to-head record in … Read more

Blind Resume! YOU choose your Top 10 Michigan State Spartans from this century

While gathering the info I needed to create the list of top 10 Michigan State Football players from this century, I came across a common problem: who makes the cut? Who was really worthy of this list? And while you think it would be easy to decide who stays and who goes, it really isn’t. So I … Read more

Top 10 greatest Michigan State Football players of all-time

Recently, we listed the 10 greatest Spartan football players of the 21st century. This time we are busting open the history books, blowing some dust off some of the names, giving them a bit of a spit-shine, and bringing them to the forefront. To be fair to the names both on and off of this … Read more

Top 10 Michigan State Football players this century

Let’s be real here, as a fan of Michigan State, the 21st century has been pretty good to us. We’ve got countless Final Fours and a National Championship on the basketball court, and on the football field, we’ve seen numerous winning seasons, a couple BigTen titles and even a College Football Playoff spot. So it … Read more

WATCH: Kirk Cousins shoves official at charity football game [Video]

Kirk Cousins, by most accounts, seems like a pretty good dude. That being said, he is extremely competitive and is not afraid to let his emotions show. Unfortunately, Cousins let is emotions get the best of him on Saturday during a charity flag football game. Watch as the former Michigan State and current Washington Redskins … Read more

Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford chooses rest over Pro Bowl

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had the chance to appear in the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl but declined in order to rest his injured middle finger he suffered late this past season. Stafford was the second alternate QB of the NFC team. Washington Redskins QB (and former MSU alum) Kirk Cousins replaced Atlanta’s Matt Ryan, while … Read more

WATCH: Former Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins has a new catch phrase

In 2015, Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins burst onto the scene and had a heck of a season. But his play on the field probably took a backseat to the video that went viral of the former Michigan State signal caller yelling, “You like that?” after a big win. Just in case you some how … Read more