Former Detroit Tigers P David Wells blasts MLB commissioner Rob Manfred

Just over a week ago, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the 2021 MLB All-Star Game was being moved from Atlanta in wake of George restricting voter access. Instead, this year’s All-Star Game will be played at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. One person who is not a fan of this move is … Read more

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred confident for playoffs if COVID-19 protocols are followed

We’ve already had several delays involving several MLB teams thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 20 members of the Miami Marlins organization have tested positive for the illness, while players/personnel from teams such as the Orioles, Yankees, Phillies, Cardinals and Tigers have all tested positive, prompting 17 postponements in the last 10 days alone. And … Read more

Report: Multiple MLB owners don’t want to play 2020 season

The standoff between Major League Baseball owners and the players union continues, and things aren’t looking especially optimistic regarding the prospects of a 2020 season being played. Commissioner Rob Manfred plainly said yesterday that he wasn’t optimistic for this season, which was a stark contrast from his comments days earlier. MLB players union executive director … Read more

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred makes unpropitious statement regarding 2020 season

For those of you looking forward to watching baseball at some point in 2020, you had better be sitting down. According to Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, he is “not confident” there will be a 2020 baseball season. Quotes via ESPN: “I’m not confident. I think there’s real risk; and as long as there’s … Read more

Detroit Tigers’ Matthew Boyd: Players are ready to play season

Major League Baseball team owners and the players union have been in a standoff regarding the length and salaries for the 2020 season, which has been delayed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest proposal of a 72 game schedule was rejected. Commissioner Rob Manfred will be having a conference call with all 30 team … Read more

Each MLB team to commit $1 million to displaced stadium employees

Thanks to the spread of COVID-19, several sports leagues have outright cancelled or delayed their seasons. Major League Baseball is no different, having cancelled Spring Training and pushed back the start of their regular season. Of course, this has a significant effect on employees who work at the team venues who are now temporarily without … Read more

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred forbids retaliation against Houston Astros

As the fallout from the sign-stealing scandal involving the Houston Astros continues, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has made it clear that he doesn’t want to see any retaliation on the part of players. So for any pitcher thinking of plunking some Houston players, they may want to think twice about it. “I hope that I … Read more

Rob Manfred threatens to relinquish ties with MiLB

Baseball’s commissioner, Rob Manfred, is at it again. The often-maligned head of Major League Baseball has entered into a rather public, and childish, back and forth during negotiations with Minor League Baseball. The current agreement between the MLB and MiLB is set to expire after the 2020 season, and negotiations have turned–let’s say–dramatic. Manfred, in … Read more

Make Baseball Great Again: 5 Ways to Improve America’s Pastime

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Boston Red Sox

Ever since Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred was elected to his position prior to the 2015 regular season, he’s been very open to any and all ideas that can improve the sport. If you’re a fan of baseball, you have to admire a very open-minded person in his role exploring all the ways to make the … Read more

Major League Baseball announces rule changes for 2018 season

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers

According to multiple reports, there is an agreement in place on the pace of play changes for the upcoming 2018 season. Even though Major League Baseball and the players association do not have a signed agreement on the rule changes, the agreement in place states that the MLBPA will not oppose any rule change. A 20-second pitch clock … Read more

MLB approves new intentional walk rule

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers

It’s been a rather precarious day in the discussion between the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s office and the Player’s Union. First, Union chief Tony Clark–a former Detroit Tiger, said that rule changes were not likely to be approved for the 2017 season, including the intentional walk rule. Then Rob Manfred fired back, criticizing–to an extent, … Read more

Breaking down the details of the new CBA agreed upon by MLB and Players’ Union

With just a little more than three hours to spare before the existing collective bargaining agreement, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and head of the players’ association and former Detroit Tiger Tony Clark, along with their associates, were able to compromise on a new five-year deal with revised terms, extending what has been a long and … Read more

MLB may face work stoppage as CBA expiration nears

The hot stove is burning hot and has been since the end of the World Series. That will reach its peak come next week for the annually scheduled winter meetings. And we have to say ‘scheduled’ because nobody is really sure if we’ll get to that point. Before we can even think of the impending … Read more