MLB commissioner Rob Manfred officially announces that he is canceling games for 2022 season


Just moments ago, Rob Manfred announced that he going to have to cancel some regular-season games.

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Manfred said that as of now, the first two series of the regular season have been canceled.

“So what’s next? The calendar dictates that we’re not going to be able to play the first two series of the regular season, and those games are officially canceled.”


Welp, here we go.

According to a report from Jeff Passan, “MLBPA player leaders agreed unanimously not to accept MLB's final proposal, and there will be no deal on a new collective-bargaining agreement before MLB's 5 p.m. ET deadline, sources tell ESPN.”

As previously reported, Major League Baseball has threatened to cancel its March 31 Opening Day if a new deal was not in place by 5 p.m. today.

Here is what MLBs best and final offer was, according to The Athletic:

Per MLBPA official, offer includes:

  • Pre-arbitration bonus pool of $30 million, up $5 million from before
  • No change on CBT thresholds (220/220/220/224/230)
  • Minimum salary starting at $700k, going to $740k over course of deal. PA starts $725k

Major League Baseball is now on the verge of losing regular-season games because of a work stoppage for the first time since the 1995 season.

Nation, we hate to say it, but it does not seem promising at all that Opening Day will start as planned.