Taylor Decker cries tears of joy after 100th game with Detroit Lions

Taylor Decker cries tears of joy after 100th game with Detroit Lions: We are not crying, you are!

Taylor Decker cries tears of joy after 100th game with Detroit Lions

In the world of professional football, reaching the milestone of 100 games played with a single team is a rare achievement. For Taylor Decker, the Detroit Lions left tackle, this moment arrived amid a backdrop of adversity and the team's long-standing struggle for success. The Lions, who haven't won a championship since 1957 and have been without a playoff victory since 1991, have faced their fair share of challenges. Decker has not been part of the entire 30+ years that since the Lions' last playoff win, but he has been a constant presence through the ups and downs.

Taylor Decker cries tears of joy

What did Taylor Decker Say?

Following the Lions' convincing 42-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers, Taylor Decker couldn't hold back his emotions. He spoke about the tough times, the moments when victory seemed elusive, and the weight of shouldering the responsibility to help the team win. Decker's journey mirrors that of the Lions as a whole, a team that has persevered through adversity with unwavering dedication.

“I think the thing that makes it the most meaningful for me was kind of the bad times,” Decker said. “When we weren’t winning and nobody wanted to watch us play, and nobody thought we were a good team, and nobody ever thought we were going to get it right and get it going in the right direction.

But that’s just one of those instances where you just keep showing up and you keep putting the work in because the Lions are going to play football on Sunday whether I’m out there or not, and it was important to me and it’s been important to me to be to be a part of that because I feel like that’s what I was brought here for.

“I feel like I was brought here to try and be a piece to help the team win. And it took a long time, man. But I’m almost thankful for those dark times, because it’s made this just sweet. I’m revitalized. I feel great. Like, I feel the best I’ve ever felt.”

“There were just times for me personally when I would look at the big picture and it would be overwhelming for me because I wouldn’t know what to do to try and help the team win,” Decker said. “It seemed like there was so much going on, and I’m like, ‘Where do we start?’ And I kind of got caught up to where I was focusing too much on that and it was kind of bogging me down mentally because when you’re just angry all the time, it’s exhausting.

“I think anger is awesome fuel, but when it’s all you have, it just wears you down, and I just felt like I was worn down all the time. Nobody wants to be a loser. But, like, you are going to be what your record says you are. I’ve always felt personally like I’m a winner, but I wasn’t. Because that’s not what the record said. But again, it’s one of those instances where you don’t have any choice but to keep showing up. You’re not going to quit, you just have to keep showing up.”

“It just means a lot to me,” Decker said, choking up. “I’m passionate about being able to play for this organization. I’m passionate about being able to start for them. I’m passionate about the people who supported me. I’m passionate about the fanbase, who, (expletive), they’re always there. Even when we were losing, there were always people in the stadium, always people cheering.”

Taylor Decker Detroit Lions

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions left tackle Taylor Decker reached his 100th game with the team, celebrating it with a victory.
  2. Decker reflects on the challenges and dark times the team has faced over the years.
  3. His passion for the organization and its dedicated fanbase shines through as he chokes up with emotion.

Bottom Line – Passion, Perseverance, and Pride

As Taylor Decker choked up while speaking about his 100th game with the Detroit Lions, it became clear that this milestone represented far more than just a number. It encapsulated a journey of passion, perseverance, and pride. For the players, the organization, and the devoted fanbase, every game played is a testament to unwavering commitment, even in the face of challenges. Decker's emotional reflection reminds us that sports are about more than just wins and losses; they are about the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring love for the game.