The 10 Greatest Detroit Video Game Athletes of All-Time

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*Originally published by former DSN writer Ryan Van Dusen in August of 2015.

Let’s get this clear right from the start: this is a list that, for the most part, set out to identify the most dominant Detroit-based video game athletes of all-time. But this rundown isn’t all about overall ratings. We made sure to leave at least a small bit of wiggle-room to celebrate some of the outsiders and underdogs who found their way onto our countdown in large part thanks to their unique video game-given talents.

With that said, if our countdown seems heavy on the old school, well, it is, and there’s a reason for that. With modern sports games pushing for more and more simulation and real life replication with each passing year, cartoonish athletic superpowers have become a thing of the past (with a few rare exceptions). As a result, more realistic portrayals = significant reduction in 400-yard rushing games and free throw line dunks on Shaquille O’Neal. With that in mind, forgive us if, say, our three hockey choices all came between 1993 and 1995.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business:


10. Bob Probert – NHLPA ’93 (Sega Genesis)

NHLPA Bob Probert

Right, so the first guy on our countdown isn’t even here for his on-ice skills, per se. In fact, NHLPA ’93 cut straight to the chase and didn’t even put a stick in Bob Probert‘s hands for his player profile picture. True to his real life self, video game Bob Probert was capably skilled with the puck (62 points in 1988) but his real calling was roughing folks up. His perfect 100 rating in Checking, Aggression, and Fighting accurately reflects his finest qualities.

Skating around with a harbinger of destruction like Sega Probert, it was just a matter of time before someone was maimed or pummeled, and it was glorious. In other words, EA Sports nailed his tendencies perfectly.