The two offensive and two defensive players who are the X-factors to Detroit Lions success


On paper, this is the most talented (and possibly most well put together) Detroit Lions team in an entire generation.

While the worries about depth and scheme still linger deep into August, there's little resistance from fans and league analysts alike that, top to bottom, this Lions edition has as many versatile weapons on both sides of the ball as it's had in quite a while. If general manager Bob Quinn's meticulous offseason turns out to be a win, the Lions could no doubt go on a run.

To me, the measure of the Lions success will lean heavily on a couple of players, in particular, on both sides of the ball – breaking out. These are those four X-FACTORS.



[tps_title]T.J. Hockenson[/tps_title]

Reports out of camp have been astronomically optimistic — so much to the point folks are starting to wonder if Quinn drafted an All-Pro caliber rookie. If he did, it's likely we will start to see Hockenson's skill set paying off dividends as early as Week 1 in Arizona. And that pertains to both the Lions running and passing attacks. Hock runs well, his blocks are impactful and he will be a deadly intermediate pass-catcher (especially in the red zone). The Lions sorely need his early camp production to continue into the regular season. I have a strong feeling that it will.