Tigers’ Tyler Alexander Makes Early Case for Best Catch of 2023 MLB Season [Video]

Monday night's game between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees was filled with excitement, but it was a play made by Tigers pitcher Tyler Alexander that had everyone talking. In the bottom of the fifth inning, Alexander faced off against Yankees outfielder Billy McKinney, who hit a hard-line drive back up the middle. What happened next left fans and players alike in awe.

Tyler Alexander makes insane catch for Detroit Tigers

As seen in the highlight video, Alexander quickly reacted to McKinney's hit, whipping his glove behind his back without looking. To everyone's amazement, the ball landed perfectly in his glove for the out. It was an insane catch that no one saw coming, and it instantly became an early entry for the best catch of the 2023 season (Even though it is just Spring Training).

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  1. I really hate what you’ve done with this page. It’s a cluster f*€k.
    As far as I’m concerned It’s hard to locate anything. In the story of Alexander’s catch the main topic “ his catch “ I can’t even find the video

  2. Hi Dale, the video is the Twitter embed. Perhaps the tweet didn’t load for you? This is an issue sometimes when Twitter goes down, as it did yesterday for a while.

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