Tim Boyle loves Aaron Rodgers but says Detroit Lions are primed for ‘special run’

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions will take on the Green Bay Packers in what will be their final game of the 2021 regular season.

It could also be backup QB Tim Boyle’s final game with the Lions as he is set to become a free agent following the season.

That being said, Boyle said on Wednesday that he wants to play for the Lions moving forward and that he believes they are primed for a “special run” in 2022 under Dan Campbell.

From Detroit Free Press:

“I firmly believe in what we’re trying to do here and I know Coach (Dan) Campbell says it every day and he says it to us, we’re building a foundation right now and we kind of have to take our lumps,” Boyle said. “Not that we have to take them, but we have taken them already and I think this team, because of the leadership with our GM and our owner and our head coach, I mean, they understand where we’re going and I think it’s up to the players to understand, like Jared, myself, players who have been on other teams who have seen it done the right way and have been to big-time games.

“Not that I helped the Packers get there, but I’ve seen it. I’ve kind of been on that side of the fence where I feel how it’s supposed to look. And it makes me as a competitor definitely want to stick around because I know exactly where this team is going and I think the players who understand where it’s going are licking their chops for an opportunity next year because Coach Campbell will have us dialed in. He’ll have us ready to go and it’ll be a special run.”

Boyle also talked about Aaron Rodgers and how it was to be his backup.

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“I came in a quarterback, call it X, and I left Quarterback Y,” Boyle said. “I kind of took a backseat my first year and kind of observed and watched how (Rodgers) operated. And then I took the role of being the backup and that’s when you kind of get more involved. But yeah, he’s instrumental to my whole entire progression as a quarterback and the coaches there. I’m grateful for our friendship off the field, which I think is far more important than the one we had on the field. And he’ll be a special person in my life forever. I’m very grateful for him taking me under his wing and being as nice as he was. It was a special three years for me, but I’m right where I want to be right now.”

Chances are high that Jared Goff will be the Lions starter in 2022, it will be interesting to see which direction they go for a backup.


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