Tom Izzo talks about retiring as Michigan State head basketball coach

About a week ago, news broke that legendary Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski had decided that the 2021-22 season would be his final run at a National Championship as he has decided to retire.

On Thursday, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo, who is now 66 years old and going into his 27th season with the Spartans, joined the Stoney & Jansen show on 97.1 the Ticket and he talked about retirement.

From 247Sports:

“When I do it, I’m just leaving,” Izzo said Wednesday on “Stoney & Jansen” on 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit.

“It’s interesting, guys, because you get asked those questions and I say ‘Hell, (Krzyzewski has) got eight, nine years on me so I’ve got plenty of time,’’ Izzo said. “The day that I don’t feel like taking red eyes from Vegas to Orlando, or the day I don’t enjoy what I do – I mean I love my job. I’m a little leery of where our profession is going right now, but I do love my job. I really got a good group – academically, athletically and basketball-wise. So we’re gonna see. I’m excited to still try to get that elusive second championship. That’s what the goal is.”

It sure does not sound like Izzo is going anywhere anytime soon but when he does, it may catch us off guard.