Urban Meyer says Michigan Football is better than Ohio State

Urban Meyer says Michigan Football is better than Ohio State.

Urban Meyer says Michigan Football is better than Ohio State

Urban Meyer has given his perspective on the current top teams in the nation. While the College Football Playoff rankings place Ohio State at No. 1, Meyer believes that Michigan Football‘s on-field performance makes them look like the best team. Meyer also acknowledges the Georgia Bulldogs as a strong contender, given their recent success and 26-game winning streak.

Urban Meyer says Michigan Football is better than Ohio State

What Did Urban Meyer Say?

Meyer points out that while Ohio State has an impressive resume with two Top 10 wins, Michigan's dominance against their opponents is hard to ignore.

“Ohio State has the best resume, two Top 10 wins,” Meyer said. “The Wolverines on film, they’re as good as anybody in the country. They might be the best on videotape. But you have to look [at] who they’re playing. They’re just, I mean, they are beating teams badly. So I think the winner of that game is the No. 1 team in the country.”

“I think Georgia is right there. They’re the man until you beat the man,” Meyer said. “Behind that, now, it’s tough. I see a Florida State team, I see a Washington team. I see, in my opinion, Oregon is, on tape I compare them to the Wolverines. They’re one of the best teams on videotape that I’ve seen, offensively and defensively.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Urban Meyer, former Ohio State coach, shares his thoughts on Ohio State and Michigan football.
  2. He acknowledges Ohio State's strong resume but believes Michigan looks like the best team on the field.
  3. Meyer also mentions the Georgia Bulldogs as a top contender.
  4. Ohio State and Michigan are set to face off, providing an opportunity to settle the debate.
Michigan Ohio State Michigan vs. Ohio State

Bottom Line: An Ongoing Debate

As the college football season progresses, the debate over the No. 1 team in the country continues. Urban Meyer's insights provide an interesting perspective, but ultimately, the answer will be decided on the field when Ohio State and Michigan collide. College football fans eagerly await this matchup to see who will emerge as the top team in the eyes of both experts and fans alike.

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