Video emerges of Dre Bly taking spill at 2023 Detroit Lions training camp

Dre Bly will never live down his first training camp practice as the Detroit Lions cornerbacks coach!

For Detroit Lions‘ new cornerbacks coach Dre Bly, his first training camp practice of 2023 will be an unforgettable one. Not for an inspiring speech or an exceptional drill, but for a hilarious slip and fall during a demonstration that will go down in Lions' training camp history.

Dre Bly Detroit Lions

Video emerges of Detroit Lions coach Dre Bly taking a spill at training camp

The former Lions' player, known for his stellar NFL career, was running a drill with the defensive backs when he unexpectedly lost his footing and tumbled to the ground. The ensuing laughter from the players lit up the training camp, making it a memorable start.

Key Points

  • The Detroit Lions kicked off their 2023 training camp on Sunday morning.
  • New Lions' cornerbacks coach, Dre Bly, had a comical fall during a drill.
  • The players found the incident hilarious, lightening the mood at the camp.

Similarities and Differences

Back in April, Bly talked about the similarities and differences that he has noticed since returning to the Lions.

“It's the same organization,” Bly said. “Firey fans. Firey people who love football in Detroit.”

But as he begins his first season as a position coach on head coach Dan Campbell's staff, there is a notable difference.

“I would say the talent is different,” he said. “The leadership is a lot different. I'm actually a little jealous – looking now at how they finished last year.

“All that excitement they had on the field. Looking at how much fun they were having with Dan and the rest of the coaching staff.

“They were on Hard Knocks. There was a lot of excitement. When I heard people talking about the Lions. All the football world … there was a lot of excitement.”

Dre Bly Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – A Fall for a Rise in Morale

Training camp started off on an unexpectedly hilarious note, courtesy of cornerbacks coach Dre Bly's slip and fall. Far from being embarrassing, such incidents serve as ice-breakers, boosting team spirit and camaraderie. As they move forward, the Lions can utilize this lighthearted incident as a reminder to keep their spirits high and to enjoy the game they love, even in high-stakes scenarios.


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