Warde Manuel Releases Statement After Naming Sherrone Moore as Michigan Football Head Coach

Warde Manuel Releases Statement After Naming Sherrone Moore as Michigan Football Head Coach.

Warde Manuel Releases Statement After Naming Sherrone Moore as Michigan Football Head Coach

Earlier tonight, the University of Michigan officially named Sherrone Moore as its head football coach. Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel has officially recognized Moore‘s exceptional leadership in his new role as head coach of Michigan Football. In a statement, Manuel highlighted Moore’s invaluable contributions as the interim head coach, particularly praising his team-focused leadership approach during a pivotal time for the program.

“Sherrone stepped up this fall and served as the interim head coach when the program and especially the team needed him,” added Manuel. “Sherrone handled that situation in a way that sealed my already-growing confidence in him. He didn’t make it about him, it was always about the team!

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Acknowledgment of Family Support

Manuel’s statement also emphasized the importance of Moore’s family, particularly his wife Kelli, in this new journey.

“We are thrilled to have Sherrone and his wife, Kelli, and the entire Moore family step into this new role for our football program and university community,” Manuel added, underlining the integral role of familial support in the coaching staff's success.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Leadership Qualities: Warde Manuel stresses Sherrone Moore‘s effective leadership as interim head coach, highlighting his focus on the team over individual accolades.
  2. Family Involvement: The importance of Moore's family, especially his wife Kelli, is recognized as they step into the new role, emphasizing the university's appreciation of family support in coaching success.
  3. Confidence in Moore: Manuel's statement reflects a strong confidence in Moore's abilities and vision for Michigan Football, indicating a positive outlook for the team's future under Moore's guidance.
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The Bottom Line – A New Era for Michigan Football

The appointment of Sherrone Moore as head coach begins a promising new chapter for Michigan Football. Warde Manuel‘s statement not only acknowledges Moore's leadership skills but also signifies the university's trust in his vision for the team's future. With Moore’s direction, Michigan Football is poised to continue its legacy of excellence, fostering a positive and supportive environment for both players and staff. The Michigan Football community is eagerly anticipating a new era of success and growth under Moore's leadership.

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