Warde Manuel Releases Statement Regarding Juwan Howard

Warde Manuel Releases Statement Regarding Juwan Howard and his future at the University of Michigan.

Warde Manuel Releases Statement Regarding Juwan Howard

The University of Michigan‘s basketball landscape is set for a significant shift with the return of head coach Juwan Howard. Following a medical hiatus due to heart surgery in September, the announcement of Howard's comeback this Saturday against Eastern Michigan marks a pivotal moment for the team. Michigan's Athletic Director, Warde Manuel, has played a critical role in this transition, not only by overseeing Howard's return but also by addressing and resolving an incident involving Howard and the team's strength and conditioning coach, Jon Sanderson.

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What Did Warde Manuel Say?

Manuel's statement, emphasizing no disciplinary action against Howard, underlines the university's support and trust in its head coach. This development is significant for Michigan basketball, reflecting the importance of leadership stability, especially in a high-stakes collegiate sports environment.

Statement from Warde Manuel, Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics

“Juwan Howard will return to the Michigan bench Saturday (Dec. 16) against Eastern Michigan in his total capacity as head coach. Coach Howard, his doctors and our medical experts remain aligned in taking this next step as he recovers from a September heart procedure.

“We greatly appreciate associate head coach Phil Martelli’s guidance of our program on an interim basis to start the season. I want to personally thank Phil for what he has done in the past few months to lead the program. We will continue to benefit from his wisdom moving forward.

“The return of our usual coaching structure comes after a review of an incident involving several individuals during a team practice last week. Based on a thorough internal review, nothing was found to warrant disciplinary action for anyone involved. As such, we will move forward with a focus on our team and our season.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Juwan Howard returns as head coach after heart surgery.
  2. No disciplinary action following a team practice incident.
  3. Michigan basketball welcomes back its regular coaching structure.

The Bottom Line -Juwan Howard is Back

Warde Manuel's statement not only brings clarity to the recent incident but also reaffirms the university's confidence in Howard's abilities as a coach and leader. As the Michigan basketball team moves forward with Howard at the helm, the focus is now firmly set on achieving their goals for the season, backed by strong and stable leadership.