WATCH: Keegan-Michael Key invades Allen Park to teach Detroit Lions about celebrations

If you have been paying attention to the NFL this season, you have probably noticed all of the touchdown celebrations going on around the league. Prior to the season, the NFL decided players would once again be allowed to celebrate a touchdown without being penalized.

Teams around the league have taken advantage of this and have been celebrating like it's their job. In fact, it's very clear that teams are actually taking the time to practice their celebrations before each game.

One of the best performing teams this season, at least in terms of celebrations, has been the Detroit Lions. Whether it was Marvin Jones and company performing double dutch or Golden Tate dropping “The People's Elbow,” the Lions have certainly taken pride in their touchdown celebrations.

So, it's no surprise that the Lions agreed to let comedian Keegan-Michael Key into their facilities to film a skit about “Boogie Down Brown” teaching the players how to celebrate.

Check it out.

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EDITORIAL: Tigers GM Al Avila drops ball by trading Ian Kinsler for nothing

The Detroit Tigers are in an all-out rebuilding mode. In fact, they have been in that phase since the MLB trade deadline approached this past July. Tigers general manager Al Avila made it perfectly clear at that time that his goal was to shed payroll by unloading some of the bigger contracts while trying to re-stock the team’s farm system in the process.

And that is exactly what Avila has done.

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