WATCH: Michigan K Quinn Nordin flashes obscene gesture after making FG

In what was a rather boring first half with the only scoring coming from four field goals, it ended with a bit of controversy. In what has been a chippy matchup between South Carolina and the University of Michigan, placekicker Quinn Nordin ended the first half with a field goal, and a crotch grab.

What the video below:

The field goal pushed Michigan’s lead to 9-3 to end the half. Apparently, Nordin was looking to channel his inner Heisman winner, Baker Mayfield; still a strange way to end the half to say the least — FROM A KICKER! Of course, this is the same guy who has a Ricky Vaugh “Wild Thing” haircut; so maybe Nordin is taking the role to heart. Either way, it’s not a good look for a kicker that made 75% of their field goals coming into the Outback Bowl.


Jim Harbaugh lays the smackdown on K Quinn Nordin – check it out

Throughout Michigan’s first few weeks of the season, it appeared the only sure thing they had on offense was their eccentric kicker, Quinn Nordin. While the rest of the offense was frustratingly inconsistent, Nordin was doing his job exceptionally well.

However, all that is fine when you are making your kicks, but things can turn bad very quickly as seen in their latest exchange after a missed field goal against Maryland.

Getting in Harbaugh’s face after missing a field goal is a questionable decision, to begin with. Now Harbaugh is making it known that his job is no longer guaranteed.

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Written by AJ Reilly

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