Zach Ertz says he ‘Couldn’t say no’ to Detroit Lions

Zach Ertz says he 'Couldn't say no' to Detroit Lions. Photo Credit - Joe Rondone - The Repulic

Zach Ertz says he ‘Couldn't say no' to Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have welcomed veteran tight end Zach Ertz to their practice squad, bolstering their team with his extensive NFL experience. As the Lions advance towards the NFC Championship Game, Ertz's addition provides a strategic depth to the squad, especially at a time when they are contending for high stakes. On Wednesday, Ertz spoke to the media for the first time since signing with the Lions.

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Zach Ertz's Enthusiasm and Expertise

Zach Ertz, upon joining the Lions, expressed his excitement and readiness to contribute to the team's success.

“The opportunity presented itself and I couldn't say no. I'm excited, obviously. This team is on a roll, young, hungry, so I'm excited to be a part of it,” Ertz told reporters Wednesday. “I have no expectations coming in of what my roll will be. I don't expect anything to be handed to me. 

“Obviously I want to earn whatever reps I get. I'm not here to start any drama or cause any insubordination, per se. I'm just here to support the guys however I can,” Ertz continued. “Hopefully teach Sam or some of these young tight ends some things and play to the best of my ability, if my number is called.” 

This statement reflects his eagerness to join a promising team and his understanding of the importance of fitting into the Lions' dynamic.

Adapting to Detroit's Playbook

Ertz is confident in his ability to quickly grasp the Lions' offensive system.

“I'm confident that I can get up to speed quickly from a mental standpoint, it's just how much do they want to put on me?” Ertz explained. “I've played in a lot of different offenses in my 11 years now. So I'm confident to pick it up mentally, but at the same time I'm just getting the basics right now. So we'll see how Thursday, Friday go. That's a long way to go til the game but I'm just excited to be here.” 

His experience across different teams and systems is a significant advantage, allowing for a smoother transition into the Lions' playbook.

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Mentoring the Young Talents

Ertz's role extends beyond the field, as he looks forward to mentoring younger players, particularly rookie tight end Sam LaPorta.

“I'm looking forward to getting to know him better. Obviously, everyone raves about him here and rightfully so. He's had a phenomenal rookie year and even after seeing him injured and being able to play the following week, you know he's tough because that looked a lot worse than obviously it was and I know it's not pain-free being out there. I think the sky's the limit for him, he's obviously a lot better than I was as a rookie, so I'm excited to be around him.” 

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ertz's Motivation: Ertz's eagerness to join the Lions, driven by the team's dynamic nature and his own readiness to contribute.
  2. Adapting Quickly: His confidence in swiftly adapting to the Lions' offensive playbook, leveraging his diverse NFL experience.
  3. Mentorship Role: Ertz's willingness to mentor young players like Sam LaPorta, enhancing the team's talent pool.
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The Bottom Line: Ertz's Integral Role in Lions' Campaign

Whether Ertz gets playing time or not, his presence in the team is a valuable addition. His experience, adaptability, and willingness to support and mentor align perfectly with the Lions' ethos and objectives. Ertz's involvement, both on and off the field, could be a key factor in the Lions' continued success in their quest for a Super Bowl berth.

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